Tuesday, 22 November 2011

top heels

Funny, how a pair of shoes can make a lassie happy, and I'd be happy for a long time if I had any of these. But I've been thinking of buying a cheapish pair of heels and making them glittery myself.. I've seen some tutorials all over the internet and it doesn't look that hard to do! Wouldn't probably beat Topshop shoes but anyway:)


Taryn said...

Gorgeous!! I absolutely love the studded pair :)

Laura said...

Taryn - oh, i know, hun:) they're stunning! x

Lola said...

love the second ones!

Laura said...

Lola - love them too, dear! i'm really liking everything glittery like them atm:) x

peony said...

I love TOPSHOP and shoes are freat in perticular!i like the first pair as i'm passionated about interesting heels)


Laura said...

peony - love topshop too, hen! the shoes are just gorgeous:) x

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