Wednesday, 27 November 2013

going back in time, pt. 2

 Dress&Belt - Mama's old
Cardi - Primark

This's one of the outfits that I still can recreate perfectly. And it looks so much nicer with my short hair, y/n? I still often wear the dress with that belt, and after seeing this outfit I can see myself putting that cardi on with it in the future too. The funny thing is that only a couple of days before taking these photos (not the first one, obviously), I bought some tights and they're exactly the same ones I had back then! So, even though they aren't the exact same pair of tights, they are the same tights.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

going back in time

So, I've seen this challenge on some Finnish blogs and it's basically asking you to create and wear an outfit that consists of items that are at least five years old. Apparently, five years ago, in 2008, was when most of the "popular" (fashion) blogs started and this is to look back to that and all that jazz. Obviously, my lil' blog didn't exist back then, even though I was an avid blog reader. And also obviously, a lot of my clothes are vintage or handed down from family members, which would make the challenge less than easy for me. What I have done, though, is pimping the challenge up a bit and recreating some of my earliest outfits that have been on the blog. I thought it was fun, and it's funny, yet not surprising, how most of the items I used are still part of my wardrobe.

This one was my first post, as well as my first outfit post. The only garment I still own is the coat, but it's in Finland as I don't really need a coat so warm in Leeds. I'd still absolutely wear it! This wasn't too long ago, only 2010, but I imagined my style would've changed more. So much has changed since then, but apparently I knew what I liked to wear already. I do wear dresses and skirts more often now than a couple of years ago, but most of the outfits I've looked back at don't even make me want to cringe. If they were from 2008 they might..

This is kind of different, but I hope it's not too weird. An 18-year-old Laura and I wish you a lovely rest of the weekend♥!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

and it feels like we could do this all night

 Blazer&pants&top&rings - H&M
Suspenders - Grandpa's old
Scarf - 2nd hand
Shoes - Skopunkten
Earrings - Seppälä
Bag - Dad's old

I remember saying that I didn't have any pants when I went to Finland for the summer, and as the weather got colder my mum bought me a pair. I now own a shocking trio of pants. Haha, I really do wear dresses and skirts more often! And shorts, too. These were in the sale for a tenner, if I mind correctly, so even though they are a few sizes too big and I don't wear them too often, it still feels like a good purchase (most of the time). The pattern's a wee bit crazy, so I like it:-)

You might know that usually I'm not the kind of gal who wears heels to uni. I don't know what came over me today when putting these on.. What makes it worse is that it was raining and I ruined these lil' boots even more than they've already been ruined (by nights out and careless walking). I did come home between lectures though, and changed my shoes into something more sensible.

Uh oh, how is it past midnight already? I better get off the internet! Have a lovely night/day/whatever it is when you're reading this♥!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

poppies and pops of red

 Top - New look
Dress - Self-made
Blazer - Grandma's old
Hat - 5-year-old Laura's ha!
Bag - Stolen off mama
Shoes - 2nd hand/Skopunkten
Earrings - Seppälä


Oh, uni's keeping me extremely busy these days. I've so many essays, presentations, tests and just general reading to do that I'm actually feeling like I am a student. And now that I'm not a first year anymore, I'm starting to take all this just a wee bit more seriously, haha. I was meant to do a lot of work today, but instead I've tackled quite a bit of procrastination. (I'm procrastinating even as we speak, it's what I do best..) Wednesdays are my day off, so I'd say that going to the library only to print out a few things was productive. Ish. After that I forgot about being productive, and may have watched more than the one episode of TV I said to myself I'd watch. Uh oh.

I should probably say something about my outfit or the poppies, but my mind's too preoccupied. The sooner I stop procrastinating, the sooner I can stop thinking about the Beveridge Report, problems in dynastic succession or the chiastic word order!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

birds and bees

 Playsuit - Self-made
Cardi - Topshop
Over-knee socks - Seppälä
Insect ring - New look
Bird ring - H&M
Wellies - Melissa

How come it's so cold today, and a couple of days ago when theses photos were taken I didn't really feel I needed a coat? Actually I've not worn a jacket yet, because blazers and raincoats don't count. Soon even I can't brave the weather though and have to start dressing up appropriately. This outfit did feel a bit summery with the floral playsuit, the bird and insect rings and obviously the lack of warm clothes ha! (Also, what kind of an insect is that? Despite the title, I know that it's not a bee and I can't figure out what it is!) One of the legs of the playsuit looks like it goes up in a funny way, but I promise you it wasn't like that the whole day.

Well, that'd be all:-) Have a wonderful Guy Fawkes, hope you all have lovely bonfires and fireworks♥!

Friday, 1 November 2013


Thank you to all of you that sent me some lovely wee questions! My answers are a bit lengthy but I did enjoy doing this, and will possibly make posts such as this in the future:-)

Where about do you live? I live in Leeds, Headingley to be more precise. And even though I'm in my second year, I decided to go back to halls, and am therefore staying at the same place as last year!

What are your favourite places to hang out in Leeds? I love a lot of places in Leeds, but I don't really have any regular places to 'hang'. However, some of my favourite places are Roundhay Park (which is probably my favourite of favourites), Kirkstall Abbey, Corn Exchange, and I also like the uni campus (there I can actually be found rather often). Usually I have a nice wee place in a city to go and read when the weather is nice, but I don't even have that in Leeds. It's a bit sad. I need to explore more!

What kind of a job do you fancy? I honestly have no idea. I'm studying history and that kind of leaves all my options open, and I could imagine myself doing something related to history. Then again, my most recent 'what-I-want-to-be-when-I-grow-up's have been either to become a sailor or to own a butcher's shop.. So, anything is possible.

What are your top five favourite books? Ugh, it's so hard to decide on top books! But I've settled on these 5, because they're the kind of books I can read over and over again, and never fall out of love with. "Le Petit Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen (and other Austen books, but P&P is my favourite), Harry Potters (they count as one book, right? If not, the first one's my favourite.) by J. K. Rowling. Those 3 are actually my three favourite books, the last two were so much harder! Anyway, "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (not sure if this's truly my favourite Holmes book, I love 'em all) and "The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas. If you'd fancy to know about other books I like, check out my Goodreads :-)

Why did you start blogging? In no way do I consider my blog to be a fashion blog, but the first blogs I started reading were fashion blogs, and that's initially where it started. Though, I, admittedly, did think that it was superficial&vain, I wanted to be part of the world of blogs and to have my own. But it took me years to turn the thought of starting a blog into an actual blog. I'm very much of an introvert, which I also think is a reason behind this lil' blog. I never tell anyone what I think or how I'm feeling, and obviously because of this am in need of some sort of an outlet. I've always written diaries, but jotting down about fashion and personal style &c. never felt that natural. None of my friends were/are as interested in fashion/style as I was/am, so I couldn't have talked to them either and just wanted some place to discuss more superficial things like this. My final obstacle before starting my blog was that I thought I wouldn't have anything interesting to post about. But then I moved to Edinburgh the year I turned 18, and finally decided my blog would be as interesting as anyone else's, ha!

What is your favourite way to accessorize? I'd say my favourite way to accessorize is the same as my favourite way to dress up in general. I like to wear things that I like and that I feel (relatively) comfortable in. Sounds a wee bit boring, but it is that simple.

Why are you so pretty? Born this way, baby! Seriously though, thank you:-)

If you could travel back in time for a day to a period in history, which period would you choose? I'd love to visit so many (most) periods! But travelling back in only time wouldn't guarantee you the location and the social status that you'd like to have, eh? That probably doesn't matter for a day, though. I'd choose Regency (Britain, upper or upper middle class). Or early to late 1700 in France (upper class, again). And I also really would like to know what the 20's and 60's were like. Those are my four favourite eras at the moment!
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