Sunday, 6 November 2016

project 366: 276-299 (october)

Continuing with catching up, here's my Project 366 photos from last month:

276: Pretty autumn colours by the river!

277: Wee hearts on my nails.

278: This was my breakfast of choice for almost all of October.

282: Hats and denim. I basically gave up my winged eyeliner every day aesthetic after a few weeks of being back at uni..

289: Had a day out exploring Turku Castle with friends!

290: Uni work and Moomin biscuits = my life.

291: Dark lips and pretzels are two of my favourite things. And taking pictures of yourself eating is completely normal, aye?

293: More pretty autumn colours from my window!

295: Migraine days. (On days I've not taken photos - and there were many in October - I've either been having a migraine or just been plain lazy. Mostly migraines though, I think.)

299: Bunting's up again and everything is pretty much in place after me moving in earlier in the month!

From now on I might go back to weekly Project 366 posts, or keep on doing monthly recaps, don't know if I'm going to keep up with this at all! I am trying, though. That's all for now, catch you later!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

project 366: 242-273 (a bit of august and september)

Let's get right into it. This is another megapost of my Project 366. To be honest, I haven't been trying as much lately and have missed quite a few days. But instead of thinking that I've failed, I'm still continuing and think this is the best way to get you all caught up with what I've been up to. Here's a lot of photos for you:

242: The end of August was full of packing...

243: ...packing...

244: ...and packing!

245: Got the keys to my new place in Turku! But I stayed at my uncle and auntie's house for all of September and a bit of October as well. They were away all that time, giving me a more central location, time to get furniture for my place and also an opportunity to let a friend stay at mine while he had no place of his own. The only thing was that 1) my uncle and auntie were to bring most of my things to me from the north and I ended up living out of a suitcase for over a month, and 2) my laptop and internet connection were at my new place while I was not.

246: My starting-uni-again-look was messy&curly hair and winged eyeliner all day everyday. And I had a lot of uni things to sort out.

247: My best pal, Fazer's chocolate.

249: I was still very much into sudokus in September.

250: Migraine views. (Also, many of the days I've forgotten to take photos on were spent with my very good friend, Migraine.)

251: Balcony views.

252: A mini what's in my bag within a bag. I pretty much always have this tiny bag of miscellaneous things on me. Lip butter, hand cream, a Moomin pill box full of necessary medicine, a plaster (also Moomin) and a hair clip. The lip colour changes with what I'm wearing on the day, on this occasion it was this Revlon lip crayon from a few years ago.

253: Turku things I see on my way home.

254: The cutest cat PJ pants!

255: Essentials: water and a charger.

256: Lighting and art at my uncle and auntie's.

258: Eating all them nuts.

260: Found a new favourite home decor/design shop and bought some things...

261: ...and some more things!

262: Wearing my Sunnydale High school ring:-) I don't think I've shown this on the blog before but it's a favourite!

265: When you think your make-up is on point, but it's not.

266: Diary things. (Obviously I have a Moomin notebook as my diary!)

267: Pretty Turku at night after a day out with friends:-)

270: Saw my sister and gave her a doughnut as a birthday gift, haha!

272: And my sister brought me sweets and souvenirs from Liverpool. Very happy with these!

273: I'm still reading this poetry book! It's good, but it's also about a 1000 pages.

This is what September was like for me (and I'll do another post on October in a bit..). How are you, what have you got up to this autumn?

Sunday, 30 October 2016

obsessions and updates

I'm obsessed with squirrels. I've mentioned that on the blog a few times, too. So here's some pictures of my favourite squirrels that live at my mum's.

Sadly, I've not seen squirrels more than once since moving to Turku. And since I've finally (sort of) settled into my new flat and not living away from my laptop, I feel I can commit to blogging on the regular again. Hope you've not missed me too much, haha. So this's just a lil' reminder of me still existing in the world and the tiniest update before I fully get my blogging act together! Turku's been good, uni's been good and there's exiting things and trips been happening and about to happen. Can't wait to share everything on here and catching up with you all again!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

project 366: 235-241

235: Bought new things for school! How surprising that half of them are Moomin themed, haha:--)

236: It's been a good tomato summer!

237: I did a flowerbed for my mum. I do this almost every year since during the winter they become a bit wonky and need retouching. Not complaining though, I love a bit of gardening.

238: Here's a hat I bought for the summer but never wore. Maybe next summer then! (At least I wore it for a day while packing my things.)

239: It was my birthday on Friday and it was niiice. This raspberry-chocolate cake I baked was amazing.

240: Birthday flowers.

241: And on Sunday I finally finished watching the extended versions of Lord of the Rings. So good.

That's what I did last week, but this week (today actually) I'm leaving for Turku and university. I'm not sure how long it'll take me to get settled, so I might take a break from the blog if it feels like that! In the meantime feel free to have a little look-see on the blog or tell me how you've been! See you soon!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

through the years: july and august

2011: In 2011 in July I wore these cute dungarees and now that dungarees actually everywhere I don't own any. I really do want to get some lil' dungarees and pinafores again, though! And a month later I wore this diy dress. I didn't wear it that many times, I think. It was definitely around 2011 when over-knee socks became a staple in my wardrobe. I mainly chose the second outfit because of my hair, can't wait for it to grow now so I can start doing more with it again! Also, these might be the first pictures of my 'through the years' posts in which I don't own any of the clothes anymore. Apart from the bedding in the laundry basket, haha!

2012: I actually love both of the July and August outfit from 2012. How good is my hair, please! I really want a pleated skirt like this again! And even though I've thrown the dress (worn as a top) I made away, I'm thinking of trying to sew something with a similar bustier to it. The August outfit is an old birthday outfit and something I could still recreate to this day. The shoes and the dress are still firm favourites. And I wear both the sunnies and my mum's old bag still on the regular. I'm very sad that the dress is a little too tight, though. Last time I tried it on I had to ask my mum to help me squeeze myself into it.. So I'll have  to either lose some weight or redo the seams since back when I bought the dress in 2012 (or before that) I had to take the seams in because it was a bit too big, haha!

2013: Yet another floral vintage dress that I don't fit into anymore! I'm not as bothered about this one as the previous one. You see, this one, although very pretty, is a children's dress from my mum's childhood, so maybe a 24-year-old shouldn't fit into it anymore. I quite like my work outfit, too. I don't own the skirt anymore, but I'm wearing the same shirt as I'm writing this. Haha! By now you know I love the white wedges, but these lil' black shoes were good as well. It's a shame I usually walk shoes like this into their graves in a summer!

2014: Here's a very simple July outfit that I never posted two years ago. But you will have seen this maxi dress in other outfit posts, it's something I've worn quite a bit this summer as well! Same goes for the hat that's on the table in the background. There's no picture from August 2014; I didn't blog at all that month, the lazy git I am!

2015: My graduation outfit from last year! Would definitely still wear this. (For a change, I didn't blog all August in 2015 either.. It's an unfortunate pattern!)

2016: Here's an outfit from this past July. I was thinking about posting it earlier but decided not to. This feels very 2011 to me instead of 2016, ha! If you were to look at older posts you'd definitely find me wearing this lace top and shorts together. The shorts are the best shorts and I really like my mum's crochet cardigan too, but since taking these photos I've sold the lace top. It was about time. (To break the pattern I've blogged this August - go me! But no outfit posts this month either, haha.)

What's your favourite of these old summer outfits? I'd love to hear - even if some of them made you cringe!

If you fancy seeing more past outfits, you can find them here: April | May | June
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