Saturday, 26 May 2018

hietaniemi cemetery

Another cemetery post, because who doesn't love cemeteries? I didn't think photos of the presidents' graves would be that interesting to anyone else but me, so I'm not sharing those. (There's a part of Mannerheim's tombstone, though, if you can and want to spot it.) Maybe when I complete my collection with the missing two, I'll post about it, because apparently I now collect pictures of presidents' graves. Sounds about right for a strange new hobby for me to have. But here's some other little shots and impressions of the Hietaniemi cemetery.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

florals at the cemetery

 Not too long ago I was talking about wanting to explore the Hietaniemi cemetery in Helsinki this summer, and now I've already started my exploration. The cemetery is quite large, though, so I know I'll need to go back for at least one more (most likely two) trip at some point. But even this short look around it was so lovely!

Monday, 21 May 2018

project 365: week twenty

 134: Last Monday I started the week with a trip to Helsinki to see my mum for belated Mother's Day activities. We spent the day in Hietaniemi exploring the cemetery, having a picnic and swimming on the beach. It was good, but I only got to see about a third of the cemetery and am excited to go back to see more/all of it. I could explore cemeteries all day!

Friday, 18 May 2018

vintage honey(duke)

 I had lots of spring outfits, like this one, planned out but it seems like we're now fully in summer and most of these spring outfits I had in my head won't work in the heat. It's been +30°C and I was not prepared for that! I've already started swimming in the sea, eating ice cream outside and sleeping with the window open, so if I have to stop doing these things and start wearing leggings or other warm things again, I'm going to be bummed.
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