Wednesday, 31 August 2016

project 366: 235-241

235: Bought new things for school! How surprising that half of them are Moomin themed, haha:--)

236: It's been a good tomato summer!

237: I did a flowerbed for my mum. I do this almost every year since during the winter they become a bit wonky and need retouching. Not complaining though, I love a bit of gardening.

238: Here's a hat I bought for the summer but never wore. Maybe next summer then! (At least I wore it for a day while packing my things.)

239: It was my birthday on Friday and it was niiice. This raspberry-chocolate cake I baked was amazing.

240: Birthday flowers.

241: And on Sunday I finally finished watching the extended versions of Lord of the Rings. So good.

That's what I did last week, but this week (today actually) I'm leaving for Turku and university. I'm not sure how long it'll take me to get settled, so I might take a break from the blog if it feels like that! In the meantime feel free to have a little look-see on the blog or tell me how you've been! See you soon!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

through the years: july and august

2011: In 2011 in July I wore these cute dungarees and now that dungarees actually everywhere I don't own any. I really do want to get some lil' dungarees and pinafores again, though! And a month later I wore this diy dress. I didn't wear it that many times, I think. It was definitely around 2011 when over-knee socks became a staple in my wardrobe. I mainly chose the second outfit because of my hair, can't wait for it to grow now so I can start doing more with it again! Also, these might be the first pictures of my 'through the years' posts in which I don't own any of the clothes anymore. Apart from the bedding in the laundry basket, haha!

2012: I actually love both of the July and August outfit from 2012. How good is my hair, please! I really want a pleated skirt like this again! And even though I've thrown the dress (worn as a top) I made away, I'm thinking of trying to sew something with a similar bustier to it. The August outfit is an old birthday outfit and something I could still recreate to this day. The shoes and the dress are still firm favourites. And I wear both the sunnies and my mum's old bag still on the regular. I'm very sad that the dress is a little too tight, though. Last time I tried it on I had to ask my mum to help me squeeze myself into it.. So I'll have  to either lose some weight or redo the seams since back when I bought the dress in 2012 (or before that) I had to take the seams in because it was a bit too big, haha!

2013: Yet another floral vintage dress that I don't fit into anymore! I'm not as bothered about this one as the previous one. You see, this one, although very pretty, is a children's dress from my mum's childhood, so maybe a 24-year-old shouldn't fit into it anymore. I quite like my work outfit, too. I don't own the skirt anymore, but I'm wearing the same shirt as I'm writing this. Haha! By now you know I love the white wedges, but these lil' black shoes were good as well. It's a shame I usually walk shoes like this into their graves in a summer!

2014: Here's a very simple July outfit that I never posted two years ago. But you will have seen this maxi dress in other outfit posts, it's something I've worn quite a bit this summer as well! Same goes for the hat that's on the table in the background. There's no picture from August 2014; I didn't blog at all that month, the lazy git I am!

2015: My graduation outfit from last year! Would definitely still wear this. (For a change, I didn't blog all August in 2015 either.. It's an unfortunate pattern!)

2016: Here's an outfit from this past July. I was thinking about posting it earlier but decided not to. This feels very 2011 to me instead of 2016, ha! If you were to look at older posts you'd definitely find me wearing this lace top and shorts together. The shorts are the best shorts and I really like my mum's crochet cardigan too, but since taking these photos I've sold the lace top. It was about time. (To break the pattern I've blogged this August - go me! But no outfit posts this month either, haha.)

What's your favourite of these old summer outfits? I'd love to hear - even if some of them made you cringe!

If you fancy seeing more past outfits, you can find them here: April | May | June

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Midsummer was a small forever ago, yet here I am posting about it.

Midsummer is kind of a big deal in Finland. It's a bit like Guy Fawkes Night - or at least there's bonfires during both. The last time I was in Finland for midsummer was four years ago, so this was a nice change. I only went to a very small bonfire (more like a campfire, haha!) but it was good. Lots of bbq food and treats were good as well. Isn't food the best part of every holiday? I even had a day off for midsummer eve and was able to enjoy a long weekend - hooray! A flower crown is a midsummer essential and I was sporting one almost the entire day. Therefore it did look a bit poo by the end of the day, ha!

The photos where I'm wearing a hat are taken by my mum. She's becoming quite the fashion photographer, haha!

Monday, 22 August 2016

project 366: 228-234

 228-229: I seem to have been too busy watching the Olympics on Monday and Tuesday to do anything else, never mind taking photos! And now that the Olympics are over, my life feels a little empty, ha!

230:  My mum and I went to see this bunny exhibition and it was quite interesting. It was bunnies of different kind collected by one person over decades, plus one live bunny as well. Also, it was full moon.

231: Like I said in the previous project 366 post, I've not been at home every day, and this's one fun piece of decor at my mum's friend's house.

232: A tiny outfit: my favourite jumpsuit.

233:  Found these reddish mushrooms growing around our house!

234: A tiny outfit: my favourite ice skating cats.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

project 366: 221-227

221: Being a real adult and having Coco Pops for tea:--)

222: My mum bought these painted rocks, haha. They're kind of cute and the money goes towards helping less fortunate kids in (mostly) Romania.

223: I've had loads of tomatoes this year and there's still loads to come!


224: I'm not very good at reading  new releases. Even though I was so excited about a new Harper Lee book as soon as I heard about it, it's taken me this long to actually buy it. And I've not even started reading yet! I'm super excited to begin, though! Also, I baked a cheesecake to take to work on my last day. It's not actually fully finished in the picture, but this is probably the best cheesecake I can make. It is so good. All of it was eaten on Friday:-)

225: Watching all of the Olympics is basically the only thing I've been doing lately. Especially after my last day at work. We don't own a TV, so most of the time I've been staying at my mum's friend's house who's not at home at the moment. The fact that I've not been home that much and that I'm waking up at 2 o'clock in the morning to watch sports is definitely one of the reasons I've been even more absent from the blogosphere these days!

227: I got this book as a gift from work on my last day. I've not had the chance to read this either, but it looks promising!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

project 366: 214-220

I promise I'll post something other than these Project 366 photos soon, but for now, here you go:

214: I've done quite a bit of flower pressing lately. The flowers tied together with a bow are from Midsummer.

215: It might not look like it based on this photo, but we had the prettiest full rainbow on Tuesday!

216: Coworkers who let you borrow their extended versions of LotR are the best coworkers. I've not had time to watch these yet because - not surprisingly - the Olympics are taking all of my free time..

217:  Random  kitchen bits.

218:  Done a small messy French braid in the morning! And wearing my mum's new blue earrings before she had the chance, haha..

219: After an (almost) 20km bike ride I was roasting and would've slept with the door open. My mum and sister wouldn't let this happen, though. (Fair enough, I'm the only one who has a mosquito net over their bed, haha!)

220: We had a grasshopper inside!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

project 366: 200-213 (two weeks)

Trust me to be poorly one weekend and not have time to manage these posts, and to go on ex tempore trips to Norway the weekend before and also not have time to manage these posts. I've not missed a day, though, so here's photos from the last fortnight:

200: Things growing.

201: Pretty little mushrooms in our little woods.

202: My favourite church:--)

203: My mum, her friend and I started our travels up north to proper Lapland and Norway! I'll post more about the whole trip later in life (haha)!

204: Not sure, but I think this is still in Finland. We arrived in Norway, though. And all of Lapland is so breathtaking. And there's a lot of reindeer as well, haha.

205: Norway is so pretty. I am definitely ready to go on another - longer - holiday there any day! And we had a lil' dip in the Arctic Ocean.

206: Getting closer to home and I was definitely taking pictures with this sign as if it was my first time crossing the arctic circle.

207: On Monday it was time to go back to normal life. I did so with the help from one of my newest Moomin mugs.

208: More things growing. So excited to possibly be getting some courgettes and pumpkins!

209: Strawberries.

210: If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I got my new passport photos taken. (We went to Norway with expired passports, which is fine - I think - since - I think - you're allowed to travel in Nordic countries without a passport if you're Nordic yourself.)

211: All the raspberries. I'm so sad we don't have any raspberry bushes of our own anymore. Ours were the literal best.

212: I seem to have caught a cold and tried to keep myself indoors all last weekend. Which was quite easy after I started watching episodes of the Moomins. I'm not too poorly anymore (fingers crossed)!

213: My wee chilis are growing as well!
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