Monday, 29 February 2016

project 366: 053-059

It's started to get a lot sunnier and brighter here, which is always good. But the spring weather and the prettiness that is snow reflecting all the light also means that I'm much more prone to migraines this time of the year. (One of the reasons why I much prefer spring in the UK!) This all means I've been feeling a bit poorly and didn't do much last week. But from now on I'm going to find all my sunglasses so that I can make the most of the nicer weather and start looking forward to the coming spring! (It's March tomorrow after all, that's spring, right?) Anyway, here's last week's Project 366 photos:

053: Got myself a new (second) phone.

054: Ill day, vol. 1.

055: Actually managed to get some boring adult stuff done.

056: More snow!

057: More Agatha!

058: 'What do you want for dinner?' 'Biscuits. That have chocolate in them.' So this is what I had for dinner..

059: This was the only day I didn't spend the majority of in bed, but actually was out and about all Sunday. Churchin' it up and visiting friends. And the snow was looking so pretty and glittery, so here's three photos of it instead of one!

Hope you all had an enjoyable week and a fab February!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

unicorns and slayers

Remember last year when I became a MAC girl? This year I've become a Lime Crime girl, too.  I've followed Doe Deere and her career since way before my own blogging days, and somehow it's taken me this long to actually order something. And the choice was so hard with all the amazing colours Lime Crime provides. I really wanted Buffy though, and then decided on Airborne Unicorn as the second one. They are both my actual favourites right now. These are the only lip colours I've worn since they arrived. The pretty packaging is a plus, but really they are just really lovely lipsticks. Buffy's my first liquid lipstick which on first application seemed a bit strange. Now however, with  the amount of times I've worn it, I'm almost a pro;-)

(Also featured one of my newest Moomin mugs that I got for Christmas. Ain't she pretty as well!)

Monday, 22 February 2016

project 366: 046-052

046: Last week I told you I'm exercising, and at the same time I started that I also started drinking water. I actually dislike the taste of water so much that drinking about 2l a day of it is a real achievement. So that's what's new! (Also, my laptop looks disgustingly dirty..)

047: Got some flowers!

048: I've been wanting to go skiing to this little island in the river but it's not been ideal skiing weather lately. I'm hoping I can go soon, though!

049: DIY'd a dress into a skirt.

050: A treacle tart I made and took to my godmother (and -father). I really like treacle tart and I really like my godparents which made for a good little evening:-)

051: I also made burgers for tea and avocado fools for dessert this week. I don't like avocados so it wasn't my favourite, but it was still the best avocado food I've ever had.

052: Matching dress and matching nails.

That's what my week looked like and I hope you've all been having a good February! (How is it the last week of Feb already?) I'll catch you guys later this week!

Monday, 15 February 2016

project 366: 039-045

039: I may have jokingly said "new hair, new me" on Twitter, but I've also actually started doing things I wouldn't usually do. For example, I own sports bras/tops now and I kind of have an exercise routine. I say 'routine' although I've been doing it for a week. But I'm hoping that saying it aloud will force me to keep at it!

040: I've been drinking from my holy Beatles mug again. I'd forgotten about it for a while (which is embarrassing since it's one of my favourite mugs..) but now it's back in use. The perfect size for a hot chocolate.

041: Supper.

042: I've organised my make-up. Funny/sad story: this's actually a cutlery tray that my dad's made. I remember being quite young, definitely still not at school, when he was making this in his  downstairs workroom. I'm not sure why but I was convinced my dad was making me a small dollhouse and the different-sized compartments were rooms. I was so excited until I saw it placed horizontally instead of vertically, being screwed to a kitchen drawer and filled with forks and knives. So I never got a dollhouse, but now I have a neat tray for my make-up! I might even paint it in the summer.

043: I don't know what I'm doing next month or this year and how long I'll be staying with my mum. If I'm at my mum's this spring/summer though, it'll be fun to do proper gardening after a wee while. (My idea of fun might be that of a retired village weirdo, but gardening really is fun. Really.) So I've started planting my first seeds. And even made little signs for my plants-to-be.

044: I got some Valentine's gifts:-)

045: These last two pictures aren't really that representative of my actual weekend, but never mind. I was actually out and about most of Saturday and went ice skating. I've not ice skated in years and intend to do a lot more of that before it's spring. And on Sunday I didn't sit in bed in a jumper and take black&white photos of myself like it may look like, instead I was out and about again, attending a retirement party.

How was your week?


Friday, 12 February 2016

hearts and pearls

Did you know that February in Finnish is helmikuu which translates to Pearlmonth (or pearl moon, if you want to be more archaic)? The name comes from the little ice droplets that freeze onto the branches of trees and that can look like pearls. There aren't really any pearls as such yet but the trees are looking quite snowy, icy and pretty!

I had these icy pastel heart nails last week, but if you're inclined that way they could be nice for Valentine's, I think. I'm still more into Valentine's Day as its Finnish version, Friends' Day, when you can remember all your friends and loved ones. Either way, you can have wee hearts on your nails! This Lumene nail polish is the prettiest with its white and pale pink hearts and confetti. I've paired it with Mavala's Miami and a random Lumene nail polish (that I unfortunately threw away already so don't know what it was called..) here. Quite a unique notd since there's no recreating this due to me being rash and thoughtless, but thought I'd share it anyway!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

project 366: 032-038

032: The snow was looking pretty last week, although there's still not a whole lot of it. (And it's raining and far too icy out at the moment..)

033: I got my hair cut.

034: A Moomin colouring book!

035: I've been watching some classic musicals lately which has been nice:-) This one's Thoroughly Modern Millie and it's well worth anyone's time!

036: On one hand it's  February and definitely winter, but on the other there's tulips and are tulips not a sign of spring?

037: Snow prettiness.

038: In addition to all the Christie this's what I've been reading lately:-)

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


 Top - H&M
Cardi - Mum's/Primark
Skirt - Dad's old/DIY

So after well over a year since the last time, I ended up going to the hairdressers on Tuesday. It doesn't happen often but I am well pleased with how it turned out. It's not so short and I can finally continue with growing my hair without it looking like a shapeless mess. With the slantedness and everything it reminds me a little of a 20s bob. The last time I really had a bob was probably over 10 years ago as well, so it's a nice change.

There's one thing, though (because when's anything completely perfect?). Now as I'm writing this my hair's still perfectly and professionally styled which makes me so very happy. So there's not yet any guarantee of my satisfaction tomorrow, after sleeping on it and a wash. I wish I was high-maintenance enough to get up in the morning and do something with my hair. Usually I just get up and maybe use a brush. But if I know myself at all you won't be seeing my hair looking straight-outta-hairdressers-pretty again in a while. It does look good now, though!

Monday, 1 February 2016

project 366: 025-031

The first month of Project 365 has gone rather quickly and I cannot believe it's February already! Here's a few things from last week then:

025: I cut my hair. And if you follow me on Twitter you might know already that the results didn't make me too happy. But I'm going to the hairdressers tomorrow and will hopefully be happier.

026: Still re: hair. It's not actually awful, it's just not good and it's mainly the back that's the problem (so I've been wearing hats). The problem is also that I'm trying to grow my hair long again and if I keep chopping it myself and letting professionals then fix it, it really won't have time to grow all that much.. I might have to hide scissors from myself! (On a side note this is only the first time I've cut my hair myself and not been satisfied with the results. Although, looking back at pictures of me at age 7, my fringe isn't as straight as I thought it was but I was still very happy with it and the after was better than the before!)

027: A book and a bed are all you need to make me happy. And now that I've recently changed into my winter duvet, my bed is the warmest and comfiest little nest that I love.

028: My reading all of Christie's books is going quite well, and there's even been novels that I've not read or haven't seen a TV/film adaptation of before which is always nice! I'm having to read a lot in Finnish since the libraries over here don't have a lot in English. I prefer reading in the book's original language if possible, but on the other hand it's nice to read more Finnish for a change.

029: Got an exciting parcel in the post! Will try and blog more soonish:-)

030: Lil' Moomins. (Pretty sure I never post Project 365/6 without photos of a. Moomins, b. food or c. both..)

031: A snow day!
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