Tuesday, 9 February 2016

project 366: 032-038

032: The snow was looking pretty last week, although there's still not a whole lot of it. (And it's raining and far too icy out at the moment..)

033: I got my hair cut.

034: A Moomin colouring book!

035: I've been watching some classic musicals lately which has been nice:-) This one's Thoroughly Modern Millie and it's well worth anyone's time!

036: On one hand it's  February and definitely winter, but on the other there's tulips and are tulips not a sign of spring?

037: Snow prettiness.

038: In addition to all the Christie this's what I've been reading lately:-)


Miranda | Miranda's Notebook said...

Oh my goodness - a Moomin colouring book!! Amazing!! And your hair looks fantastic - love the sleek bob. xxx

Amy said...

I love all of your photos! And I love Thoroughly Modern Millie, I'm obsessed with classic musicals ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Jessica Acton said...

What beautiful, beautiful snow pictures! I had snow in Scotland but unfortunately it melts in the city centre so quickly, so we've mostly just had sludge. I love your new hair cut and it looks amazing on you. I've been thinking of getting mine chopped too, but I'm not brave enough. You're inspiring me to go for it! x


Corinne said...

I feel like I've seen you with loads of different hair cuts and I think this one is my favourite! You look stunning. To dark lippy also really suits you. I wish it was snowing here!

Corinne x

Sybil said...

cool snaps, thanks for sharing!

Have a great day!
Animated Confessions

Laura Jones said...

Miranda - i know, i'm so excited about the colouring book, haha! and thank you, dear! xxx

Amy - thank you, love! and they are good, aye! xx

Jessica Acton - that's true and sludge is one of the nastiest weathers, i think! it should just stay as snow:-) thank you, sweetie! although i do love long hair, i'm always for a little chop too.. let me know if you decide to do it! xx

Corinne - aw, thank you, corinne hun! so nice of you to say so:-) i really like the haircut too, but it's definitely looked like that since i washed it, haha! and maybe you'll get a bit of snow before spring! xx

Sybil - thank you for reading and commenting, pet! x

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