Wednesday, 24 February 2016

unicorns and slayers

Remember last year when I became a MAC girl? This year I've become a Lime Crime girl, too.  I've followed Doe Deere and her career since way before my own blogging days, and somehow it's taken me this long to actually order something. And the choice was so hard with all the amazing colours Lime Crime provides. I really wanted Buffy though, and then decided on Airborne Unicorn as the second one. They are both my actual favourites right now. These are the only lip colours I've worn since they arrived. The pretty packaging is a plus, but really they are just really lovely lipsticks. Buffy's my first liquid lipstick which on first application seemed a bit strange. Now however, with  the amount of times I've worn it, I'm almost a pro;-)

(Also featured one of my newest Moomin mugs that I got for Christmas. Ain't she pretty as well!)


Miranda Mills said...

Love the Moomin mug!!! So cute. I gave a Moomin mug to a friend recently, actually, and she loved it :) I haven't heard of the lipsticks you mentioned and now I'm keen to check them out! Miranda xxx

Gail J said...

I love Lime Crime!!!! And I also love Doe Deere too. Her IG is like a pop of colour!

Adi said...

I've always loved the packaging from Lime Crime and how their products are cruelty-free. :)


Amy said...

I've been wanting to try something from Lime Crime! It's nice to know that you liked these ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

esosandraUTD said...

Beautiful selection and that mug is so cute

Joanna Joy said...

Hi Laura! You have a Beautiful Blog dear. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have never used Lime Crime lipstick before, but I am curious to try the gray color. I am curious to see how Buffy and Airborne Unicorn look as well. Cute mug too. Hope you have a wonderful week:)

Laura Jones said...

Miranda - you can never go wrong with a moomin mug! and i'm sure you'd find a lipstick of theirs you'd like, dear! lime crime has such lovely colours:-) xxx

Gail J - ah, yes, honey! doe deere and lime crime are both amazing! xxx

Adi - those are both definitely a plus, hun! x

Amy - oh, i'm sure you'll love whatever you'll pick when you do, pet! xx

esosandraUTD - thank you, thank you, girl! x

Joanna Joy - thank you so much, lovely! all their colours look so good that it's hard to choose, haha:-) and there's actually been pictures of how these two look on my instagram and twitter! x

Laila said...

I'm not a big make-up gal (I own one lipstick. ONE) but wasn't there a big controversy with Doe Deere and Lime Crime a year back or so? Or am I getting confused? Great packaging though! x

Laura Jones said...

Laila - haha, my make-up collection isn't all that big but it might be time to slow down a bit instead of buying all the lipsticks:--) and you're right, hon, there was. i didn't know about it when it was happening, and tried doing research afterwards and am not sure what to think of it! but clearly i'm not too concerned since am buying their products, haha.. xx

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