Friday, 27 July 2012

not everything. not yet.

Top (dress) - Self-made
Skirt - 2nd hand
Shoes - New look
Bag - Stolen off mama
Necklace - Gift from the godmother

I was going to wear this to see "The Dark Knight Rises", but in the end we didn't go and see it on that day.. However, I took mama and my sister to the pictures yesterday:-) How good is the movie! I really had anticipated this for some time, and wasn't let down one bit. Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Marion Cotillard; how could it not be an amazing film! And even Anne Hathaway was great, I doubted her without any reason! If you haven't seen it, I truly recommend you to do so!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

if you've got love you better hope that that's enough

Dress - Vero moda
Cardi - Primark
 Bracelet - Gift from the godmother
Shoes - Topshop

I'm really trying to take photos around our house now that I know for sure we won't be here for that long anymore. Photos are never as good as memories, but they make it a bit easier to recall all the good (and bad) things that have happened. Words can never express how much I'll miss this place. Less than a month to go...
On a happier note, I was feeling not-so-nice (nothing new there..) and went sale shopping to cheer myself up. I rarely do that, and do acknowledge it's really silly. Anyhow, I found two nice dresses. This denim one was only 9e, which I though was really good considering its original price of ~40e! Also, my hair in these pictures makes me think of Hermione. Kind of bushy, but for me it's not that bad a thing:-)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

setting sun

Playsuit - Self-made

These are from earlier this week. I'm starting to be really busy with moving (boo..). I absolutely hate packing everything and I'm in an awful mood all the time. Oh, all the poor people that need to be around me, I can be so horrid, haha! We should be out of this house in about a month and, hopefully, I'll begin to be a pleasanter gal by then.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

what are men to rocks and mountains?

Shorts - Dad's old
Headscarf - Grandma's old
Shirt - H&M
+Matching SpongeBob plaster

This happens every year, I suppose. Reading "Pride and Prejudice" in the sun. Not much has changed since last year. (Apart from Cleo, makes my heart ache to see photos of her</3) Not much has changed in the book either, yet it's funny how it always feels a bit different every time you read it! This must be about the billionth time for me, but I could never grow tired of the Bennets. Or Mr Darcy, or the romanticized idea of the life at the time I have. Ooh, there should be more summer days like these.

Monday, 16 July 2012

polka dots peeking

Top - 2nd hand/Diy
Bandeau - Gina Tricot
Shorts - H&M
 Headband - Gift

Can't understand why I had tights on, it's so warm! After taking these, I went for a swim and then had sense enough to lose the tights. I've had this top since the beginning of this summer, but this was the first time I wore it. Still have to decide if I like it or not.

I'm quite proud of all these flowers, as this is the first time I've grown them from seeds. I'm really looking forward to harvest time, as well. All my home-grown tomatoes and courgettes should taste delicious! I really wanted to be a gardener when I was wee, maybe I should consider that career again. Nothing makes one happier than digging your hands in some dirt, watching your plants grow and, finally, eating something you've grown yourself.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

the dark days are gone and the bright days are here

Top&shorts&hat - H&M
Sunnies - Local store


Me with my SpongeBob plaster, haha!

Shirt - 2nd hand
Bikini top - H&M
Shorts - Zara
Sunnies - Local store
Shoes - Mama's

Just a couple of pictures from last weekend. Nothing special; going to southern Finland with mama, visiting relatives, chilling in the sun. Ah, well, I don't have anything to say, but I'll see you soon!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

how to be

Top - Topshop
Shorts - 2nd hand
Sunnies - Urban Outfitters
How to be an explorer of the world - Keri Smith via Amazon

 My new Keri Smith book came this week and I have to say I love all her books! Now I'm starting my journey as an explorer of the world. I haven't yet finished my "Wreck this journal" or started this one and I'm already thinking of ordering a new one. I just completely love this kind of books, haha!

It's been really hot these previous days and I'm actually so happy it's started to rain again. I do like warm weather, but last weekend I got sun rash all over my skin and I couldn't bear life. In the rainy weather it's easier to stay inside and recover. I am so glad you can't get the rash twice a summer! As the degrees dropped, the mosquitoes came back. Hence the awkward poses, mosquitoes are such a nuisance and here in Lapland we sure have enough of them.

How to be something seems to be a theme for this day/week. In addition to being an explorer, I've learned how to be a heartbreaker. I love Marina (which you may have noticed) and this song is no exception. Can't get enough♥.

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