Tuesday, 24 July 2012

if you've got love you better hope that that's enough

Dress - Vero moda
Cardi - Primark
 Bracelet - Gift from the godmother
Shoes - Topshop

I'm really trying to take photos around our house now that I know for sure we won't be here for that long anymore. Photos are never as good as memories, but they make it a bit easier to recall all the good (and bad) things that have happened. Words can never express how much I'll miss this place. Less than a month to go...
On a happier note, I was feeling not-so-nice (nothing new there..) and went sale shopping to cheer myself up. I rarely do that, and do acknowledge it's really silly. Anyhow, I found two nice dresses. This denim one was only 9e, which I though was really good considering its original price of ~40e! Also, my hair in these pictures makes me think of Hermione. Kind of bushy, but for me it's not that bad a thing:-)


Lisa said...

very pretty and cute house!

Anonymous said...

Pretty dress! Enjoy the countryside!

różowa szminka said...

pretty dress

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Love that dress!

Marija - This is a fashion blog! said...

Cute dress and such a cheerful pics ;)
Following you now :))
Hope you'll stop by and check out my blog :*

Liset said...

Love your denim dress! And for only 9e, that's a great deal :)

Bonnie said...

The house is adorable! It looks very peaceful there.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Laura said...

Lisa - thank you, hun! indeed, it is a cute wee house! x

Miss K - thank you, sweetie! x

różowa szminka - thanks, lovely! x

Krysten - thank you, doll, i'm glad you like it! x

Marija - thank you so much, dear! i'll visit your blog soon:) x

Liset - thank you, honey! i thought so too! :) x

Bonnie - aw, thank you, love! and it really is quite a peaceful neighbourhood as well:) x

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