Saturday, 30 March 2013

rum banana bread

I've been meaning to bake this banana bread for ages, and finally got around to it. In the original recipe there's coconut, but I don't really care for coconut, so mine's just plain rum banana bread. This actually is the first banana bread I ever made and the first I've ever tasted. As I didn't know what to expect, I can't really compare it with anything, but I think it wasn't too bad!

And I hope you're all having a beautiful Easter time, dolls♥! I'm just going to eat chicken (is that an Easter thing, I don't ken?) and loads of chocolate, plus a Finnish Easter delicacy, mämmi. And I'm also going to finish my Harry Potter -marathon. As far as I'm concerned, Easter's sorted!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

thursday thoughts pt. 3

Most of the things I draw/write down are copied or inspired by something I found on the internet, and so is this. I really liked this sign thing, and I like how it can mean something as complex as peace or just your food order:-) (You can also see it took me too little time to scribble this because of the anatomical inaccuracy and wobbly handwriting. I kind of like it though.)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

what's been happening this week (so far)

I don't say this often enough, but I have the bestest mum in the world. I got a wee Easter parcel in the post and it really made my day:-) The contents were mainly Finnish chocolates and other delicious Easter foods. I've given up sweets for lent and can't wait for Easter when I can feast on some (a lot of) chocolate.There was also some tea towels, Finnish magazines and such. This cute lil' owl bookmark came just in time so I can use it on Stephen Fry's "Moab is my Washpot" that I'm currently reading. Stephen Fry is one of my favourite persons and among all the other things I love his books.

Also, as a companion during Easter I'm taking care of my flatmate, Julia's, fish. After trying to take pictures of Sheila for ~15 minutes, I gave up as most of them looked like this:

But she's a nice wee fish! And we're both looking forward to Easter. Do you have any wonderful plans♥?

Monday, 25 March 2013

don't blink

Jumper - Dad's old
Skirt - H&M
Leather jacket - Auntie's old
Bag - Gift from Israel/Stolen off mama
Headband - Self-made
Ring - Primark
Wellies - Mel

Ever since I saw the episode "Blink", I've been just a tad creeped out by angel statues. If you're a fan of Doctor Who, like me, you'll know what I'm on about. (If you're not, you should be!) I actually do turn around from time to time so I can be sure the angels aren't moving behind my back. However, today I had a lovely wee walk to this cemetery (and no angel tried to kill me). I love the green leaves in contrast with the white snow, and the cemetery was looking beautiful. I've got loads of photos from this Monday, so I'll be posting some of them later on:-)

Also, I can't believe I haven't talked about these wellies at all! My mum was rather concerned that I didn't have any wellington boots when she visited (yeah, this was as long ago as Christmas..) and insisted on buying me a pair. And these are such beauties. My feet haven't quite accustomed to the rather slender design of the wellies yet, but I still love wearing them. And because they were in the sale, they were ~£15, if I remember right. So good!

Friday, 22 March 2013

you want me to change

 Ah, the Moscow State Circus is in Leeds, as you can see from the tent and flags on the other side of the road. I'd really like to go but the tickets are quite expensive, and everyone else has left Leeds for Easter. I like to go to the pictures alone, but going to the circus is a completely different thing!

 I don't know if I've said anything about this, but I love the British architecture. In Finland wooden houses are a norm, and therefore I love all the magnificent stone houses and such. They're all so pompous and have great detail, pretty conservatories, bay windows and well-kept gardens. The house above is one of my favourtites on my route home, I love the lace curtains that are in every window!

Leather jacket - Auntie's old
Bag - Gift from Israel/Stolen off mama
Top&Shoes - New look
Cardi - Zara
Dungarees - Random shop in London
Hairbow - 2nd hand/Self-made (Dark hair+black bow=not that successful, though!)

This turned out to be quite a random post; circuses, architecture and spring. I love all the lil' spring flowers lifting their heads up from the ground. This day was coolish, and they weren't as open as I'd hoped. I'm glad I decided to take pictures yesterday though as today it's been snowing again. O spring where are you? Anyway, I braved to take pictures in front of this church (that also is on my way home). It's normally really busy and I'd never take photos when everyone's walking by. But it's Easter break which changes things a little. And I actually noticed that not that many people will stare at you taking photos of yourself, and most importantly that I don't care!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

thursday thoughts

I thought I'd make this into a thing. There's never been posts with a recurring "theme" weekly (or monthly) on my blog, but I think this would be something I'd enjoy doing. Knowing I'm doing this post would actually motivate me to continue doodling and writing down wee quotes like this. Not promising this will actually happen every Thursday, but I'm going to try! I like to see other people's notebooks &c. and hopefully you all like to too:-)

Monday, 18 March 2013

wishing for...

1. These Blowfish heels. And I also like these and these.

PINK LEMONADE - Pink Leather Rucksack 

2. I'm completely in love with Grafea! The leather rucksacks must get into my wardrobe, or satchels...

3. How cute is this Lazy Oaf cat ring? This isn't something I'd usually go for, but I also fancy this top! 

 4. I need this in my life. I don't have a bathtub, but once I do, I'm instantly buying this. Apparently when my dad was living alone millions of years ago, he had a similar one, and I just think it's the most amazing thing in the world.


5. Middle Earth Map Leggings! Possibly the coolest thing ever, and I need them in my life.There's also other Middle Earth related items, and I am very much in love with them.

Also, I added a Bloglovin' button to the sidebar, so you can follow this wee blog of mine by clicking that! Now that Google Reader is closing soonish, I'd still love it if you kept following:-) I'm always a bit wary when reading news like this as there's always people making things up on the internet.. However, this is happening and catch you later!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

dying like a shooting star

Dress - New look
Cardi - 2nd hand/KappAhl
Slippers - Gift
Necklace -  Gift/Kalevala koru
Earrings - Urban Outfitters

Sorry if the gif is a bit trippy! Especially if you're epileptic.

Another outfit  with the same cardi, but can't help it. I may have said this before, but I got this cardi from my sister's friend alongside with a couple of other things last summer. I like it a lot, not only because it's pretty and floral, but because it feels so soft compared to my other cardis. My outfits have been dominated by dark colours for far too long, so pink and violet gave a refreshing change! (I know a lot of people would describe the dress's colour as purple, but I won't. It's one of the oddities about me; I dislike the word 'purple' so much and refuse to use it. Even more so I despise the word 'pansy', and therefore all those flowers are violets to me as well. And 'violet' is a lovely word!) Also, I always seem to team the cardi with the same pair of earrings, which you can't properly see in the pictures. They both have pink flowers on them, making it such an easy match.

Hope you're all having an amazing weekend♥!

P.S. I finally gave in to Pinterest earlier this week. And I'm still so clueless with it, and it really annoys me to not know what I'm doing, ha!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

hey nonny nonny

Lately I've been getting back into the habit of doodling and writing down quotes. I've even thought of starting a notebook for a doodle/quote a day, but I'm not quite that inspired yet. The lil' notebook's waiting on my bookshelf though, and maybe one day I'll pick it up from there. This piece of work by Shakespeare caught my eye, because I really liked the expression 'hey nonny nonny'. And, in any case, I do love Shakespeare's language and works in general!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Top - Dad's old
Cardi - 2nd hand/KappAhl
Skirt&Belt - 2nd hand
Shoes - New look
Earrings - Urban Outfitters

Today was a nice day. Usual, but nice. These amazing raviolis have been 99p for over a week at Sainsbury's which makes me happy. It's a day off tomorrow, which makes me even happier. (I've 2 days off most weeks +weekends, it's great!) And after this week the Easter break begins, which makes me happiest.

Can we talk about this skirt, though? I really like it, and wish I wore it more often. But I just don't know how to. Today, I came home for lunch and before going back to uni, I changed into a pair of trousers. The length and cut of the skirt just made me feel so uncomfortable while walking that I couldn't take it anymore for one day. I hadn't realized this before, because I don't walk that much. I don't want to keep clothes I don't feel comfortable in, but I also like this wee denim skirt. It won't be worth having it to just sit around the house though, will it? Such First World problems...
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