Monday, 18 July 2016

project 366: 193-199

193:  Reading in the sun after work whenever I can.

194: I had a day off and spent it pottering around the garden, planting new plants and hoping it's not too late for them to grow! I know the radishes will have no problem growing in a few weeks, but I hope my rainbow carrots and striped beets will make it as well. Fingers crossed for a warm rest of the summer and autumn!

195: More gardening, this time after work. My lil' tomatoes are coming along so nicely!  I ate the first ones later in the week and they're the best. If you know me at all, you should know how much I love my  homegrown tomatoes. And the smell of tomato leaves is my favourite smell.

196: I got Thursday and Friday off of work as well as I've done quite a bit of  overtime over the past few months. So on Thursday I had my bag ready for a swimming trip with a friend. But it started raining and thundering, so obviously we ended up not going.

197: But on Friday I made a cycling and swimming trip on my own and it was the loveliest day. Didn't have my camera with me, so here's a photo of my bikinis and towel drying outside on the clothes line.

198: Yet another rainy (ish) day that I spent inside. I spend far too much of my time on sudokus.

199: Late nights (later than they should be when getting up at 6 o'clock the next morning) and hot chocolates.

Did you get up to anything interesting last week?

Thursday, 14 July 2016

project 366: 186-192

186: Wearing a candy necklace again. It's becoming a thing. I'm wearing/eating one right now as well!

187: Just after I got back from work a thunderstorm broke out and it literally lasted the rest of the day and I basically just sat in the dark for hours, haha! It was kind of nice to do nothing, though, and I did quite enjoy the rain and the storm.

188: I call the first one "Death of A mosquito". There's been so many mosquitoes this year that they are killing me more than usually. I'm not actually allergic to them (I don't think so, at least) but I still eat antihistamines in the summer so my mosquito bites wouldn't get so bad. It does help, but this year's been the worst in such along time. Also, I was still watching football and blogging last week. Less blogging and more football watching, which'll maybe change now that the Euros are over!

189: Done my nails for the first time in months and I'll never be able to get over how cute squirrels are. Never.

190: As soon as I got home on Friday I had a migraine and it lasted the whole weekend, so that was fun. I don't know if this is strange but I have this thing when I'm not always either able to get to bed or feel uncomfortable being in bed while having a migraine, so I'm often lying on the floor. Sometimes I'm actually on the floor (and sometimes I'm crying on the bathroom floor) but this time I took a mattress out and even tried to watch some tv for a while.

191: I didn't take a photo of migraine, day 2. It was simply more lying on the floor. Fun fun fun.

192: Migraine, day 3. Spent most of the time dying and the rest recovering. This probably wasn't the best thing to try and eat/drink, but I had this mojito lemonade. I'm not sure if I found it odd because it wasn't agreeing with my head or because it actually is odd. But it tasted a bit toothpaste-minty instead of mojito-minty, if you know what I mean?

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

project 366: 179-185

179: My boss came back from her holiday and brought me wee souvenirs which is the sweetest thing. But then, despite my patriotic fridge magnet, England was sent home and I've been in a mood ever since.

180: Breakfasting.

181: A misty evening at my favourite church.

182: Brown sauce and meatballs - my (childhood) favourite.

183: The best kind of earrings.

184: New month in my Moomin calendar! "Welcome good days, friends and surprises!"

185: Got this adorable cat mug from a friend and had this adorable breakfast in bed.
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