Monday, 23 February 2015

project 365: 047-053

 047 The salty liquorice my mum sent me after I told her that I wanted them, haha. Could actually cry because I finished them in a day. Why don't non-Nordic people understand how good salty liquorice is, eh? Then again I've given sweets and chocolate and all that up for lent, so I couldn't enjoy these wee ones even if I still had them!

 048 Laundry day. Oooh, exciting.

 049 Getting back into the habit of wearing darker lips, and rambling about gold jewellery in my last post.

 050 But not wearing dark lips every day, because it's starting to feel like spring and I know I'll be all about them coral lips soon:--)

 051 These crisps are the best thing in the world. Really.

 052 Wearing my cross after such a long time. After rambling about all the jewellery I kind of want to start wearing all of my favourites more often. This one was a confirmation gift, and I really like it and all the memories that go with it! :-)

053 Snackin'.


Marlen said...

I still can't get over how amazing you look in the post below this one. Those vampy lips look like they're *made* for you. I seriously need to go buy that shade and soon- I'm obsessed with it. And I'm loving this photo challenge you're apart of. It's so fun getting to see these little peeks of your life. And don't feel bad about the candy- I literally can't and won't stop until the bag is empty. So I usually demolish it all in one sitting. I'm a champ like that ;)

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

SuperLux said...

I enjoy browsing through these random photos. I especially love the shade of that lipstick. :)

Leah Talks said...

Great photos! Well done on giving up sweets for lent that must be tough! I love your cross necklace and the vampy lipstick is very pretty! :D x

Chiara said...

You carry off the dark lip really well! I keep meaning to try it, but I'm not sure it would suit me - I must take the plunge and at least try. Oh and I love veggie crisps too :-)

Amy said...

What beautiful photos! The liquorice and chips look amazing, I wish we had them here ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Danielle said...

love your photography :)

xx danielle // shades of danielle

Joann Mikhail said...

Love that lipstick!

xxx, Joann

Krysten Quiles said...

That dark lipstick is so vampy, I love it!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Laura, greetings and good wishes.

Lovely photos. I liked the cross. I smiled on seeing the photo of clothes and you said laundry is exciting when most of us don't like to do laundry. Your practical approach to life is very interesting.

I enjoyed reading the small slices of your daily life you shared with great enthusiasm.

Wish you all the best.

Jenna Opsahl said...

Ooooo I love your dark lips! Your last post was gorgeous too.
I wish I could do coral lips. They look awesome on you, but there is too much orange on me already haha.


Arrow said...

Great pictures! Love your dark lips makeup!

Amy-Anne Williams said...

Random photos are always so interesting to look at and try to decipher, you know?

And hey, I'm a new reader c;

Jade Wright said...

Your photos are always so stunning Laura.
Love the cross!! I also haven't worn mine in AGES... I'm attached to my Buddha and crystal right now.. haha quite a different from a cross ;)
The dark lippie really looks great on you!! But I love the coral, peachy tones... you suit both though! :)

Kelsey & Kenecha said...

I love darker lipsticks too but since Spring is around the corner I too try to bright up my lip color a bit but I don't think I'll be putting my darker colors throughout Spring/Summer.
Grapes are the best, btw haha :P

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love liquorice but I haven't had it in years :)

Marisa Noelle said...

Salty licorice!!! How have I never heard of such a thing. I love licorice, so you have made my mouth water Laura, hehe. Loving the darker lips on you as well...very 90s inspired...gorgeous!

Corinne said...

Maybe you should share the liquorice with use rather than eat it all then we might understand how nice it is :p

Corinne x

Silvia Negretti said...

Beautiful photos, you've got a great eye!
I'd like to try salty liquorice, never hear of it before! :)

Monika Lackowska said...

Beautiful images!!!

Lauren Bonheim said...

I love looking through all of your photos! So elegant! I'm all about bright colorful lips in the Spring too :D

Let Us Wanderlust said...

Love those lip colours - the dark looks so amazing on you and I love the pretty coral one too. Gorgeous photos :) x


Molly said...

Nice pictures! I love the coral lipstick on you!

We've nominated you for the Liebster Award here: :)

The Adventures of a Shopaholic said...

Amazing ipcs <3


Gail J said...

aww your mom is so lovely! I have never tried that but I would love to!

Dainté said...

dark lipstick suits you so well! I wish I would be able to wear it ! :(

Eline said...

Trust me, dutch people totally understand how good salty liquorice is haha. It's the best! And i can't say it often enough, the dark lipstick looks amazing on you!

Laura said...

Marlen - thank you so much, m'dear! i'm quite obsessed as well, such a good shade:-) i'm the same, haha! just makes me want to cry that there wasn't more boxes to eat! xx

SuperLux - thank you, hun! x

Leah Talks - thank you, lovely! it's not really that hard since i've been doing it since i was little:-) only year i remember not giving sweets up for lent was when i was 18 and a wee idiot, haha! x

Chiara - thank you, hen! you should definitely try it, you never know how good it'll look:-) x

Amy - thank you, love! ahh, sucks that you don't have them. xx

Danielle - thank you, pet! xx

Joann Mikhail - thank you, hon! so do i:-) xxx

Krysten Quiles - it is such a lovely shade, isn't it, dear! xx

Joseph Pulikotil - thank you, friend! i'm not too sure i was being 100% genuine, but i don't actually mind doing laundry, haha:-) x

Jenna Opsahl - ah, thank you, honey! and haha, i'm sure it wouldn't be that bad! xx

Arrow - thanks, chick! x

Amy-Anne Williams - i do feel like that too:-) and thank you very much, gal! x

Jade Wright - why, thank you so much, sweetie! and i suppose there's a time to wear them all, haha! xx

Kelsey & Kenecha - same here, hun! i just maybe won't wear the dark ones as much:-) x

Optimistic Existentialist - you should go get some now, pal, haha! x

Marisa Noelle - it's quite different to normal ones, but so good! and thank you so much, darling! xx

Corinne - haha, good point, lady! xx

Silvia Negretti - thank you, girl! you should try and find it somewhere, so good! xxx

Monika Lackowska - thanks, hun! x

Lauren Bonheim - thank you so much, lovely! and that is the way to go:-) x

Carly - thank you, thank you, chick! x

Molly - thank you, pretty:-) and thank you for the award, will do something about it soon! x

Marianna - thank you, chicken! x

Gail J - isn't she! and you should, honey! if i could contain myself iäd give you some, but they're too good not to eat, haha.. :-) xx

Dainté - thank you, dove! i'm sure you could pull it off! x

Eline - haha, isn't it! and thank you, lovely! x

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