Thursday, 5 February 2015

thursday thoughts pt. 42

"You didn't catch my eye right away I won't deny this but once you did, I swear I couldn't look away." Regarding last week's Thursday thought, I'd say I believe more in this than in love at first sight:-) Still not a believer in romantic love, but there's people who just have that something about them that captures you so that you can't stop looking at them or forget them. Whether it's a trait of character, a sweet habit or just plain ridiculously good looks. Or something you can't even quite comprehend yourself, but it still captivates you. I can't remember where I found this quote (so I'm sorry if I've stolen something of yours!), but it's a really beautiful one.

Also, can we appreciate the spider leg eyelashes I've drawn. Haha!


Jade Wright said...

I love drawing eyes, Laura. There's supposed to be some deep meaning behind it if you keep doodling eyes down.
I guess your quote kind of relates to me and my boyfriend, Sam. I didn't notice him straight away at all. He waved and smiled at me and I looked behind me to see who he was waving at hahahaha that's how we met!

Bwahahaha spider leg eyelashes - don't be silly. I think it's gorgeous and I love the different colors in the eyes! xxx

Optimistic Existentialist said...

You weren't showing up on my dashboard anymore - so I unfollowed and then refollowed so I hope that works :)

esosandraUTD said...

Interesting thoughts, cool arts.

Gail J said...

Love at first sight wasn't something that happen to me and my boyfriend since he's not my type at all Lol But there's something in him that makes me feel comfort :)

Kelsey & Kenecha said...

Love this drawing, so lovely!

Laila said...

I completely agree with this quote - and I love the drawing. I seem to always doodle eyes absentmindedly, interesting wha Jade says about drawing eyes!


Amy said...

I love this quote, and your drawing is super cute ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Laura, greetings and good wishes.

The eyes are probably the most important and interesting part of the human face. Eyes attract people towards each other. Most ofter women take so much trouble is decorating their eyes.

Your drawing depicts a beautiful eye and with these attractive eyes many will fall in love with you at first sight whether you will fall in love with or not.

Have a lovely Sunday.

Laura said...

Jade Wright - i do find myself drawing eyes quite often as well:-) apparently if you draw loads of eyes it can mean that you think you're being watched, haha. and that's a nice story behind how you met! and thank you, doll! glad you like it, hehe:-) xxx

Optimistic Existentialist - i hope so too:-) good to have you back, hon! x

esosandraUTD - cheers, hen! x

Gail J - haha, that sounds like a much better quality to have, dear! xx

Kelsey & Kenecha - thank you, pet! x

Laila - ah, thank you, chick! i do think it's a nice wee quote:-) and i know, i remember reading an article about all the different meanings behind doodles. don't know to what extent i believe it, but it's still interesting! xx

Amy - thank you, love! xx

Joseph Pulikotil - that is true, eyes really can be one of the most interesting features in a person. and haha, thank you, i suppose! hope you're having a lovely sunday as well, pal! x

Arrow said...

Love this quote!Your thoughts are so interesting!

Laura said...

Arrow - glad you think so, hun! and i do love the quote myself:-) xx

Lila Wolff said...

Gorgeous drawing and I love the quote paired with it!

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