Saturday, 29 November 2014

we've got to save the world, someone else may want to use it

More blueberry picking! And also, a lot of mushroom spotting. Roaming around in the forest is definitely one of my favourite things to do in autumn. Unlike the last time I was blueberry picking, I was actually appropriately dressed in my sweats. It is more practical to crawl on your knees to either find the best berries or to shoot the mushrooms when you aren't wearing a maxi dress, haha! Now while living in a bigger city at the moment, I am a true small town girl at heart, and sometimes I do miss living a 5 minute walk away from the forest. It is so pretty! And peaceful. Which one do you prefer the city or the countryside (or something in between)?

Thursday, 27 November 2014

thursday thoughts pt. 37

This is a bit of a downer, but I still like it. (And hope you do, too!) I know I've said it before, but I do think sadness, hopelessness, being forlorn and heartbroken and so on can all be such beautiful feelings. This quote (that I cannot remember where I found, sorry if it's yours and I've not credited it at all..) is like that to me; beautiful in its sadness.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


 Trousers - 2nd hand/KappAhl
Crop Top - Top Shop
Scarf&Earrings - Stolen off mama
Shoes - Citymarket

This late summer/autumn I've gone through a bit of a trousers phase. It's been strange, but I've also been liking it. I actually bought two trousers this summer, these tartan ones being the other pair. For a second hand item their quality is so good, and they only were £2-3 which makes me a very happy lassie. A pretty pattern, a high waist, pockets, a good length as well as fit, what more can one ask for? Then there's this top, that I really love. I've had it for quite a while now, but am pretty sure this is the first time it's appearing on the blog. I love the contrast between lace and leather. But am I the only one who's a tiny bit afraid of wearing lace as it gets caught everywhere so easily and I just don't want to ruin my top? I think I'll try pairing it with a dress next, both to avoid from damaging it and to make it more day-time appropriate/less revealing. I have to say I miss this scarf. We (my mum and I obviously..) bought it at the same time as I got these trousers and she offered to give it to me. I wish I had been wiser and more selfish, because this scarf is so large and warm that I just want to wrap myself inside it again.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

your albatross, shoot it down

 Dress - Vintage
Shoes - Citymarket

Right, so, these are a bit more recent photos but still from ages ago. In September I cut my hair into a proper pixie and these are the first photos of that occasion. (Although, I don't think you can really make out what my hair looks like in the wind, and it has obviously already outgrown so much!) As this was my first time with my shorter hair, it was also my last swim of the summer/autumn. It was really nice. It was really windy instead of feeling the scorching sun and the burning sand, which meant that my mum and I had the beach all to ourselves. The water was still lovely and there was time to stroll along the shoreline without bumping into all the children running around. And I don't think there were dead birds to photograph earlier in the summer either. I don't even care that I'm repeating myself, but there is just that something about the sun glistening on the water and the waves crashing towards the beach. This was a good day. Beach days are always good days.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

thursday thoughts pt. 36

I always say that I never cry. Which used to be kind of true as I did go for years without crying. I've never thought of crying being a weakness, unless it's me who's crying (which very well demonstrates how I'm always contradicting myself) and letting someone see me cry would still be one of the worst things that could happen to me. But I would like to be able to actually show my feelings more and appear more humane than I do at the moment, so this is one of the quotes that I really try to remind myself about. Care to share? Are you a crier or a heartless person who never sheds a tear (haha)? And really, everyone needs a good cry once in a while and there isn't anything to lose in crying.

Monday, 17 November 2014

fun fun fun fun

 Dress - Vintage
Bracelet - Primark
Shoes - Citymarket

Bright colours and lights, pretty dresses and candy floss equal happiness, don't they? (I'm just curious, do you call it candy floss or cotton candy? I think I say both?) We even picked out a good day to go; a storm was brewing so it wasn't busy and it actually started raining as soon as we left. I love going to the fun fair just to eat some candy floss, which is why I picked this pink and puffy vintage dress to match my sweet treat. This is actually one of my favourite dresses and I wish I wore it more often as currently it only makes an appearance about once a year. That's shocking and a shame. I also have funny photos of my mum eating ice cream, but I'm a nice daughter and will never publish them, haha. Even though I'm happy to just have my candy floss, I do miss the days when I would've been excited to go on all the rides a little. Apart from the helter skelter, that's just awful and gave me friction burn as a wee one.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

we shall not cease from exploration

I'd always wanted to go to this cool big rock down by the river, and was very happy to finally do some exploring with a friend. There's even a little tunnel, into which I'd also like to venture. But I think that's where the river turns into a ditch and gets a little too dirty for casual exploring, haha! But the great rock was worth a visit, and I'd say it'd be a pretty place for a picnic. You would not think that it's right next to the road and if I was still living in my hometown, this'd probably be one of the places where I'd go to just be by myself and think. (When I was younger, I think it used to be a teenage drinking place, but I haven't seen anyone there in forever, so maybe those crazy kids have found another place..) I don't think the scale of the rock really comes across, but the fall to the river is reasonably sizable. I don't think I've ever said this, but I'm not too comfortable with heights, even so I do really like this place. And I am not in any way acrophobic (although I used to say I was back in primary school because I thought it made me more interesting:')), I'm just not comfortable with heights. At the same time I love the little tickle of fear I feel when high up and like going to places like that. Is that too contradictory and strange, haha? You can actually see in the photo of my feet that I will go near the edge, but not quite as far as I could. I do love a bit of exploring!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

thursday thoughts pt. 35

Bit rich coming from someone who mainly blogs about the clothes she's wearing, but isn't this true though?

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

ted hughes induced summertime sadness

 Hat - H&M
Sunglasses - Citymarket

I think my opinion of not being too keen on Ted Hughes will be unpopular among people who read poetry. I don't particularly dislike him, but I don't like him either. I suppose I just think that a lot of poets that are highly regarded are actually quite overrated. However, I'd much rather be reading (imho) mediocre poetry in the sun like I was doing a few months back, than reading about the socio-economic organisation of the west Roman Empire circa 4th century and listening to the raindrops hit the window like they are at the minute. Now it's much more likely for me to have over-hydrated skin from walking to uni in the misty mornings than to drink litres of ice tea and try and not get dehydrated in the sun. Sadness.

Anyway, do you guys read poetry, and if yes is there a poet you'd recommend me to check out? Or what else is up in your pretty lil' lives?

Saturday, 8 November 2014

cherry blossom girl

 Jumpsuit - Seppälä
Shoes&sunglasses - Citymarket

Here I am sightseeing in my hometown on different days, wearing the same jumpsuit. It's from the children's section; it's handy to not be that tall, you know. I wore this an awful lot in the summer, and although I don't actually have a summer and winter wardrobe, I feel like this piece won't get to be worn that much in the autumn/winter season. It's a good summer jumpsuit with its cherry blossom and brighter pastel colours. I might have to replace it with another that is more appropriate for colder weather, because jumpsuits are too good not to wear all year round. Don't you think?

I hope you're not too bored of summer posts, as there's still quite a few. And I haven't been taking that many photos lately anyway, as I'm drowning in uni work. Oh, the joys of third year..
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