Wednesday, 26 November 2014


 Trousers - 2nd hand/KappAhl
Crop Top - Top Shop
Scarf&Earrings - Stolen off mama
Shoes - Citymarket

This late summer/autumn I've gone through a bit of a trousers phase. It's been strange, but I've also been liking it. I actually bought two trousers this summer, these tartan ones being the other pair. For a second hand item their quality is so good, and they only were £2-3 which makes me a very happy lassie. A pretty pattern, a high waist, pockets, a good length as well as fit, what more can one ask for? Then there's this top, that I really love. I've had it for quite a while now, but am pretty sure this is the first time it's appearing on the blog. I love the contrast between lace and leather. But am I the only one who's a tiny bit afraid of wearing lace as it gets caught everywhere so easily and I just don't want to ruin my top? I think I'll try pairing it with a dress next, both to avoid from damaging it and to make it more day-time appropriate/less revealing. I have to say I miss this scarf. We (my mum and I obviously..) bought it at the same time as I got these trousers and she offered to give it to me. I wish I had been wiser and more selfish, because this scarf is so large and warm that I just want to wrap myself inside it again.


Marlen said...

I am in AWE over those trousers. I can never find pants at thrift stores because the sizing is always a bit off, but those fit you like a dream! And I love the mix of tartan with lace- it's so fun and unexpected and goes so so well. Also, I love those fun pompoms on your mom's scarf. I now need to add pompoms all over my scarves.

xo marlen
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Amy said...

I absolutely love your pants, and your whole outfit for that matter! :)
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Laura said...

Marlen - i know, trousers seem to be the most difficult thing to find! and the pompoms really are cute and they're fur (don't know if real or fake)! thank you very much, darling! xx

Amy - thank you, lovely! xx

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