Thursday, 13 November 2014

thursday thoughts pt. 35

Bit rich coming from someone who mainly blogs about the clothes she's wearing, but isn't this true though?


Corinne said...

Haha, very rich, but also very cute :)

Corinne x

Amy said...

What a lovely quote and drawing. :)

Ina R. said...

So cute and very true :)

Jade Wright said...

This IS so true and beautiful!!! I absolutely love this quote! Great inspiring post... I am definitely remembering this one xxx

Happy weekend!!

Gail J said...

work hard, pay off really hard :) xx

Laura said...

Corinne - haha, i hope the cuteness is greater than the richness, lovely! xx

Amy - thank you, pretty! it is a lovely quote:-) x

Ina R. - it really is, hun:-) x

Jade Wright - i think so too, lady:-) glad you liked it! xxx

Gail J - you know it, doll! xx

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