Saturday, 15 November 2014

we shall not cease from exploration

I'd always wanted to go to this cool big rock down by the river, and was very happy to finally do some exploring with a friend. There's even a little tunnel, into which I'd also like to venture. But I think that's where the river turns into a ditch and gets a little too dirty for casual exploring, haha! But the great rock was worth a visit, and I'd say it'd be a pretty place for a picnic. You would not think that it's right next to the road and if I was still living in my hometown, this'd probably be one of the places where I'd go to just be by myself and think. (When I was younger, I think it used to be a teenage drinking place, but I haven't seen anyone there in forever, so maybe those crazy kids have found another place..) I don't think the scale of the rock really comes across, but the fall to the river is reasonably sizable. I don't think I've ever said this, but I'm not too comfortable with heights, even so I do really like this place. And I am not in any way acrophobic (although I used to say I was back in primary school because I thought it made me more interesting:')), I'm just not comfortable with heights. At the same time I love the little tickle of fear I feel when high up and like going to places like that. Is that too contradictory and strange, haha? You can actually see in the photo of my feet that I will go near the edge, but not quite as far as I could. I do love a bit of exploring!


Amy said...

Oh wow, it looks amazing there! I have always loved places like that. :)
Amy xx

Jessica Neumann said...

Beautiful landscape!!

Cultureandtrend Blog

Joana Emma said...

Aaww this place looks lovely! I also really like to go explore and be around nature! I'm glad you had a good time! :) xx

Ilianne M said...

Such a lovely blog! :)

Ourdestination said...


JenTea said...

Beautiful photos! I love exploring as well, and this place looks like a corner in central park in nyc. I think these big rocks are a good spot for some reading as well! Good thing those crazy teens are gone!

Keep in touch!
Jen xx

Corinne said...

I love exploring too. Nice rock ;)

Have you been up to Kirskstall Abbey yet? That sounds right up your street if you've not visited already.

Corinne x

Laura said...

Amy - doesn't it, hen! and i know, secret little places like this are the best:-) xx

Jessica Neumann - i have to agree, pet! x

Joana Emma - exploring is my favourite thing:-) and thanks, dear! xx

Ilianne M - thank you very much, lady! x

Ourdestination - cheers, hun! x

JenTea - thank you, lovely! picnicing and reading would both be lovely:-) and it is a good thing indeed! xx

Corinne - hahaha, "nice rock" will always make me laugh:') exploring is the best though, sweetie! and i've been to kirkstall abbey but it was christmas time and it was closed.. i've been meaning to revisit for almost two years now, haha! i'm actually going to go as soon as i have the time! xx

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