Monday, 23 February 2015

project 365: 047-053

 047 The salty liquorice my mum sent me after I told her that I wanted them, haha. Could actually cry because I finished them in a day. Why don't non-Nordic people understand how good salty liquorice is, eh? Then again I've given sweets and chocolate and all that up for lent, so I couldn't enjoy these wee ones even if I still had them!

 048 Laundry day. Oooh, exciting.

 049 Getting back into the habit of wearing darker lips, and rambling about gold jewellery in my last post.

 050 But not wearing dark lips every day, because it's starting to feel like spring and I know I'll be all about them coral lips soon:--)

 051 These crisps are the best thing in the world. Really.

 052 Wearing my cross after such a long time. After rambling about all the jewellery I kind of want to start wearing all of my favourites more often. This one was a confirmation gift, and I really like it and all the memories that go with it! :-)

053 Snackin'.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

gold jewellery (and grainy photos!)

 Shirt - 2nd hand
Leggings&Rings in right hand - Primark
Rings in left hand - Topshop
Earrings - Mama's old
Necklace - Gift from my godmother

Firstly, can we talk about how excited I am about being able to plait my hair again? Obviously it's not long enough for proper plaits, but it's getting there. And even that is very exciting news.

Secondly, you know, when you buy something and mentally pair it with something to make an outfit? This shirt is one of those items, and I rarely wear it with something else than these leggings. Pretty sure there's another post from a couple of years ago with me wearing the exact same combination, but never you mind!

Thirdly and lastly, to match the gold tones of the leggings and the golden threads in the shirt, I dug up a few of my gold pieces from the jewellery box. You might've seen the Topshop rings briefly in one of my daily photos, and  really love them. I might have been wearing them all the time, but I mean, you can't really overuse rings, can you? Whereas I've been wearing the rings almost daily, I've also realized I've many things that I love but don't use as much. After I got these earrings from my mum they've been a favourite that I used to wear all the time when I was ~17. Similarly, when I got the little angel necklace, I never took it off my neck for almost two years until the original chain broke. I was ten when that happened and it possibly took me another ten years to replace the chain.. But now I love it just as much and wish I still wore it as much. It's funny how you can have those go-to pieces that are a staple for you for years and then at some point you just change them. Or perhaps replace them. It's not as if I started disliking any of them, I just can't see myself having the same earrings or the same necklace every day right now. The only piece of jewellery that I actually do have on me at all times is the wee silver (ooh, I'm still wearing gold&silver at the same time, controversial!) ring on my right lil' finger. Even that is just something that I've only gotten so used to in five (I think?) years that it'd be strange without it. And it's been on my finger so long now, that if I take it off my finger looks deformed.

Right, cool story Laura. Maybe go get some sleep. (Especially when talking to oneself in the third person..) See you later, lovelies♥!

Monday, 16 February 2015

project 365: 040-046

 040 After my 9am lecture I spent a few hours in the city centre browsing. I wasn't actually aimlessly browsing, but had a few things that I'd looked up online and wanted to check out in person and am still contemplating to buy. I also went to the Kirkgate market to buy some flowers. I've finally decided to become one of those people who buy themselves flowers. Also, this lovely lady saw me taking photos at the market, first merely mentioning that the market is beautiful, to which I agreed. She then continued to walk past me, but turned back and told me that if I go upstairs I'd probably be able to take even more pretty shots. That was so lovely, and I'm going to go back to do just that as soon as I feel like I have the time!

 041 My mum sent me some sweets for Valentine's Day. The dark chocolate with apple, brittle and hazelnut was delicious. And obviously she sent me some Moomin cards!

 042 Actually hate this building. It's an absolute maze, but once you've found your way to wherever you were supposed to go you don't feel happy or rewarded, you're just late and annoyed. I can understand someone designing this and being allowed to have it built, but I'm also pretty sure it's received some sort of a design award which is just beyond me. The Roger Stevens building, ladies and gentlemen. It won't be missed after I leave uni.

 043 The latest damage I've caused upon my poor body. It's not even funny how easily I bruise these days..

 044 These are the wee tulips I bought on Monday. I've already thrown them away, but I really like seeing flowers go through all of their stages from a wee bud to being so hideous even I need to take them out of my room. I think it's in 19th-century still life paintings that often had really plentiful flowers in rich colours, but once you'd look at them closer at least some of them would be dying. And I like that.

 045 What I'm reading at the moment!

046 A good/sad (whichever way you want to see it) day of le internet. And pretending to read some more, but didn't really make any progress now, did I?

I feel like this has been a bit of a rambly post, but what you gonna do. It also feels as if these are the only kinds of posts I've written lately and I'll try to get some other content up soon as well, haha. I'm genuinely so busy with uni, but as I'm about to start majorly procrastinating I'm sure you'll be seeing me quite as much as you normally would. If not more. I'll catch you later and hope you're having a wonderful start to the week!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

thursday thoughts pt. 43

Some time ago I was going through all my old letters and cards I have received over the years. Does anyone else keep all of their letters and cards or is that odd? I've two big boxes full, haha! I get so attached to things and I love keeping everything and looking back with nostalgia. I genuinely have more feelings about things I own or have owned and places I've been to than about all the people that have been a part of my life.. This is a quote one of my friends had written in a birthday card for my 15th birthday (I think, anyway somewhere around that age.). Obviously it's just meant to be something funny, but I can't help but think that maybe there's a little truth in it as well:-)

Monday, 9 February 2015

project 365: 033-039

 033 Lips of the day/week/month/life. And this perfect lil' red even matches with my new pocket mirror that I got from my Secret Santa, haha!

034 Honey on toast, hot chocolate and "Spy Fiction, Spy Films, and Real Intelligence" in the morning. A lot of the things I read for uni are actually so interesting and I also love how we're doing for example Fleming and le Carré this semester. I just wish I had less of a mentality of thinking along the lines "this is for school, I don't like it" most of the time..

 035 A sneaky peak at something I ordered a wee while ago. Quite excited about this:--)

036 This is the worst photograph ever, possibly. I mostly forgot about this wee project of mine. I've also forgotten about this little reminder of how much work I should be doing, as well as a half-planned trip to London that I've now postponed. As much as I do enjoy making lists and all that, I'm just not very good at planning and prefer to do things ex tempore. (Need I mention deciding to move to Leeds and going to uni here less than two weeks before it started [that seems so long ago!] or my Germany-Austria trip a year ago that had a similar timeline..)

 037 Migraine, day 2.

 038 Cream crackers and salami is my favourite thing. Used to eat piles and piles of these at my grandparent's. And the sky was especially lovely on Saturday!

039 Writing letters and eating toast with honey+bananas. I do eat other things than toast, I promise.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

night confetti

I actually had these nails ages ago, but it's still my favourite colour combination for winter these days. Nothing too fancy for a lazy Laura, but still a bit more exciting than just one plain colour. I used Barry M's Black on most nails and Berry Cosmo on a few, then adding Wet n Wild's Party of Five Glitters on top. It's like stars or fireworks or confetti in the night sky. (How poetic..) As my nails are not painted at the moment, I might just go and redo them to look like this.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

thursday thoughts pt. 42

"You didn't catch my eye right away I won't deny this but once you did, I swear I couldn't look away." Regarding last week's Thursday thought, I'd say I believe more in this than in love at first sight:-) Still not a believer in romantic love, but there's people who just have that something about them that captures you so that you can't stop looking at them or forget them. Whether it's a trait of character, a sweet habit or just plain ridiculously good looks. Or something you can't even quite comprehend yourself, but it still captivates you. I can't remember where I found this quote (so I'm sorry if I've stolen something of yours!), but it's a really beautiful one.

Also, can we appreciate the spider leg eyelashes I've drawn. Haha!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Jumper - Sister's old
Skirt - Self-made
Earrings - Gift from the sister

Isn't this just the easiest thing to wear in winter; jumper and a skirt. As my second semester of the year and last one of life as an undergraduate (fingers crossed!) actually has early mornings, I feel like this will be the kind of boring little outfit everyone will come to see me in. When you study history, 9/10am mornings are quite rare and I've become used to a routine where I might have to be at uni only around 5pm. Still not complaining about these oh-so-very early mornings though, as I genuinely don't have more than 3-4 contact hours per week. So little yet I always find myself doing my reading only the day or night before. So much reading, so little time. Seems like this became a wee post about uni, didn't mean for that to happen. But it's the only thing going on in my life right now and I might as well let you know how uninteresting it is.

P.S. I made the blog pictures bigger, so can you let me know if you think they look alright to you, if they take longer to load or anything? Or if it's even a noticeable change. Much appreciated, you guys!

Monday, 2 February 2015

project 365: 026-032

 026 I spent most of the day watching Holocaust documents. I don't want to say I enjoyed myself as that doesn't sound appropriate, but it wasn't completely miserable. I do love a good documentary, and I love it even more that as a history student I can pretend that this is studying. My Holocaust-filled day was not only because of the memorial day or 70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation, but also because I'm the biggest Hitchcock fan and found out that the documentary he'd worked on in 1945 was finally available for watching in most places. I really would recommend it, it's called "Holocaust: Night Will Fall". Not that you should watch it because of Hitchcock, but out of respect for the actual people and to remember them and what they had to go through. And to educate yourself if you're an ignorant wee one.

 027 The fact that this day's photo is of my cereal probably tells you how interesting a day I had..

 028 I was only going to take this one to moan about how much I'm struggling with the length of my hair at the moment. Then I ended up taking outfit photos, that I'll try and post later in the week! But really, my hair's in such an awkward growing-out stage and I really don't like it. Over-grown pixie is surely one of the worst hairstyles. It doesn't look that bad in the photo, but it really is such an awkward length. I can pin it all up but there's still a couple of stubborn little strands that enrage me. And if I don't pin it up, it's just worse. Woe is me.

 029 A late nameday card from my mum arrived this week, so I taped in on my wall. I have quite a collection of pretty Moomin cards.. And after the #crazybloggers chat I was going to do my uni reading, until I realized I had printed off the documents of the previous seminar. Honestly don't know how I manage to do these things. Do I even need to mention the time I went to uni only to print off some stuff, came back home and realized I had printed blank paper? Unbelievably smart I am. I still managed to go through all the documents online (I just prefer to have them in paper form so that I can better make notes and highlight things) and had (another) g&t.

 030 A day of studying, blogging and catching up on a few TV shows. (I was also pleased with my matching dress+lipstick.)

 031 I had some little repair-sewing to do!

032 A new month in my Moomin calendar! (Are other people as happy about getting to turn the page of a calendar at the start of each month, or am I just really easily entertained/satisfied?) And I had carbonara and a g&t for tea. This carbonara is one of my favourite things to make and the g&t is slowly becoming a routine in the evening.

How was your week?
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