Tuesday, 4 March 2014

liebster award

So, the loveliest Amy nominated me for the Liebster Award! I'm pretty sure you all know what it is, so am not going to go that much into it. But basically it's a wee award given to bloggers with less than 200 followers to help them get on in the vastness of le blogosphere. Here we go:

The Rules
 ♥ You must link back to the person who nominated you.
 ♥You must state 11 facts about yourself.
 ♥ You must answer the questions given to you.
 ♥ You must nominate 11 other bloggers and create 11 questions for them to answer.
 ♥ You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.
 ♥You must tell the nominees that you have nominated them.

11 facts about me
 ♥I am easily one of the most introverted people you'll ever meet. I often go for a week or so without really talking to anyone, and my flatmates will ask me where I've been when I've just been spending time alone, minding my own business.
 ♥I don't like bellybuttons. They're odd. Toes too, but mainly bellybuttons.
 ♥I moan a lot. But only about little things, like the weather or how much uni work I have, if something is actually serious or wrong in my life, I won't complain about it.
 ♥I get very nostalgic, both of my own past and past decades&eras in general.
 ♥My grandparents had a farm, which I loved and sometimes I wish I had chosen to follow in their footsteps.
 ♥I've never had a nightmare.
 ♥I love finding out when people like the same books, films, music and things as I do.
 ♥I have no idea what I want to do "when I grow up", and thus wish time would go slower so my final year at uni wouldn't start (and end) so soon!
 ♥I hate cutting my nails, which is why they're often (too) long. When I was wee my siblings would sometimes both have to hold me down so that my mum would get my fingernails cut. I'm not that bad anymore, but still don't like to do it.
 ♥My opinions/actions/personality traits often contradict radically.
 ♥I started drinking coffee when I was 3, and drank more of it when I was younger than I do now.

 ♥Do you usually leave things till the last minute or are you pretty organised? Ugh, I don't know what to say.. Both? I'm organised in the way that I like to do lists etc. and I like living in an organised chaos where I know where everything is, but I do leave things to the last minute (far too often).
 ♥Do you think you have to be a creative person to have a blog? Not necessarily. Of course it helps, so you can have interesting content and create an appealing design for your blog. But I'm sure there's "uncreative" people with successful blogs too, because everyone will like different kinds of things to read about/look at.
 ♥What's the last film you watched and what did you think of it? "Grey Gardens". It's a documentary from 1975 about Big and Little Edie, and their life in their decaying mansion. It's kind of dispiriting, but really interesting at the same time. I thank Emma for making me aware of the document's existence and highly recommend you watch it!
 ♥What do your friends and family think of your blog? Most of them don't know about it! I've a few pals who started blogging after me that I've told about mine, and they seemed to react nicely to it, though.
 ♥Would you rather spend money on beauty products or clothing? Clothing.
 ♥Have you ever been in love? I don't think so. You always think you're in love when you like someone, but nope.
 ♥Why did you decide to start a blog? I loved reading other people's blogs, and in the end thought I'd give it a go myself!
 ♥What do you do when you're not blogging? (Work, college, school, etc.) I go to the University of Leeds and learn about stuff that's happened in the past.
 ♥Have any piercings or tattoos? Just my ears.
 ♥If you could have any super power what would you go for? It's a wee bit boring, but invisibility.
 ♥What is something that can instantly put you in a good mood? Food. Haha. Seriously though, food.

My Q's for You
 ♥If you now had to rename your blog, what would the new name be?
 ♥Is there a movie you're looking forward to being released, which&why?
 ♥The first blog(s) you started to read/follow?
 ♥If you could live in any fictional world (from books/films/&c.) which one would you choose?
 ♥What was your dream job when you were a lil' one?
 ♥If you had to choose between being successful&possibly rich in your lifetime and being recognized for your work/life after your death which would it be?
 ♥Do you have a signature meal or dish that you always make for yourself or serve to guests? Plus what is it/Can I have the recipe?
 ♥What is the strangest thing you've eaten?
 ♥Who would you want to be your celebrity sister/brother?
 ♥Where are you planning on going on holiday next, and if you aren't planning what's the one place you'd like to go right now?
 ♥Where do you draw the line between your private life and things you share on your blog (i.e. what would you never talk about on your blog)?

I Nominate
 ♥Jenna @ Scarlett and Giselle
 ♥Isabella @ Adventures in HEL
 ♥Nieszka @ Sparkle & Chic
 ♥Laura @ Smile at Style
 ♥Nicole @ Rose & Muse
 ♥Helen @ hels yeah
 ♥Ellie @ Elliementary, My Dear
 ♥his girl friday @ powder blue with polka dots (a hodgepodge)
 ♥Jes @ Naturally Jes
 ♥Jordyn @ Pretty Lovely
 ♥Johanna @ For angel's eyes

Jeezo, I had such a hard time coming up with blogs that don't have over 200 followers, apparently I don't read that many of them. (Does that say something awful about me as a person?) But some of the nominees are wee bloggers I've only just discovered (Hi!) and some I've been following/have followed me for a longer while. If you've done this already, don't worry, I won't be hunting you down if you don't do it:-) But I do look forward to reading your answers (and if ye want to you can answer or leave facts about yourself in the comments even if you are one of the popular kids)!


Indy said...

I love reading these question and answer posts! I love it when I discover someone likes the same books/movies, too! Instant conversation starter! :)

Nieszka said...

thanks so much Laura!!! introverts unite :) it's not that i don't like people it's just that i really do enjoy my alone time once in a while. my grandparents also had a farm and i constantly find myself reminiscing about the good times and often dream of a country home someday amongst the fields! :) love reading these q&a's! thanks for the nomination! i will definitely have to get around doing this soon! i know, my blog has been seriously neglected. it's like it went into hibernation month for this crappy, actually pretty terrible winter we've had this winter. and it's not going away yet! i will definitely try to get back to the blog soon, but lots has been going on in life these last few months. im hoping spring will be a new start!

Marlen said...

i'm the opposite, i always bite my nails haha. i just can't handle them being long. and i LOVE your hair in that photo, you look so gorgeous and retro!

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Holly said...

Congrats on the award! :D

with regards to your last comment...lord alive, I know the pains of Victoria bus station better than most. I feel you. *fist bump*


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Congratulations on your award!! You've never had a nightmare?? You're lucky. I am nostalgic as well. Oh gosh drinking coffee at 3? That would be one hyper toddler!!

Laura said...

Indy - i love reading posts like these too and getting to know the people behind the blogs:-) and that is definitely true, dear! x

Nieszka - you're more than welcome, doll! hooray for introverts and farms:-) i can definitely see myself moving back to the countryside once i get a bit older. and i really do understand, winter isn't that inspiring and living one's life is much more important than blogging. here's hoping it'll be spring soon! xx

Marlen - i did actually bite my nails too when i was wee, now i don't understand how one does it. seriously, even if i tried, i couldn't get my nails bitten. and thank you so much, honey! xx

Holly - thank you, sweets! uh, it really isn't the best place to just chill, haha:-) *fist bump ya back* xx

Optimistic Existentialist - thank you, friend! if i'd had one i'd consider myself lucky too, now i'm just curious as to what they're like, ha. and usually i'd just finish my dad's coffee, but i was an energetic wee child anyway so i don't know if the coffee made much of a difference! x

Krysten Gautreaux said...

I get SO nostalgic, it's hard not to!

London Loafers said...

Congratulation on your awards! :) I love these because bloggers really do open up quite a bit about themselves !

And dude. Bellybuttons suck. You're only the second person I've ever met who thinks so too. Why isn't the rest of the world freaked out by this?


Johanna said...

kiitti haasteesta :-D oon kyl tehny tän varmaa ainaki pari kertaa mut vois tehä täs jos jaksaa..:-) hihi kivoja kysymyksiäki oot kuitenki keksiny !

Sabrina T said...

Hey beauty you have a really nice blog :) I am your new follower ,so check out my blog I hope you can follow back =)
Regards from Bosnia ♥

Sakuranko said...

My life behind the pc is also going to college and learning a lot of good. How interesting are you've never had a nightmare, that impresona me a lot and I think you'd be a fascinating case to any psychologist. I'm also very nostalgic and that makes me very sad sometimes, thanks for sharing more about you.


Imogen said...

I am so similar like with being introverted and also my views on bellybuttons and toes...and complaining about small things. That’s quite something that you started drinking coffee when you were 3. I like this sort of post it is great to find out more about you.

Imogen said...

I am so similar like with being introverted and also my views on bellybuttons and toes...and complaining about small things. That’s quite something that you started drinking coffee when you were 3. I like this sort of post it is great to find out more about you.

Ashley said...

Congrats on the award! And I get nostalgic, too! Also, MAJOR introvert.

More importantly, I'm in love with your hair. <3

Maja eM said...

Congrats for the nomination and good luck!!

Laura said...

Krysten Gautreaux - it really is, love! xx

Hayfa - oh my, yes, hen! you're the first person who shares my thing with bellybuttons! makes my skin crawl just to think about them, never mind touching.. and thank you, i do agree, it's great hearing more about bloggers:-) xx

Johanna - ah, no tee tosiaan jos jaksat ja ei oo muuta postausaiheita! :-) x

Sabrina T - thank you, dear! i'll check out your blog soon! :-) x

Sakuranko - haha, that makes me sound like a bit of a nutcase, but i get what you mean, i suppose it is quite unusual! it makes me sad too, but often in a good way:-) no problem, lady! x

Imogen - ah, sounds like we have a lot in common, doll! and yes, you're now the second person who doesn't like the same body parts as I! and i do like a good q&a/challenge post too:-) x

Ashley - hooray for intoverts and nostalgia! and thank you so much, chick! xx

Maja eM - cheers, dove! xx

his_girl_friday said...

Thank you so much for sharing about yourself and for nominating me! Makes me feel so special :)

Laura said...

his_girl friday - no problem, lady! that's lovely to hear:-) x

HighlandFling said...

YAY! Grey Gardens! I am so glad you liked it and I sold it enough for you to go and watch it.

Little Edie is pretty cute right?

Emma x

Laura said...

Emma - ah, i'm the one who's glad, doll! it really is good, and little edie is pretty cute:-) xx

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