Saturday, 29 March 2014

i've got that wanderlust

Uh, I never even realized that it's almost been a week since my last post.. Anyway, I saw this post of Krysten's and thought I'd give it a go:-) A wee while ago my sister asked me if I wanted to go to Lille&Brussels with her around May. Despite the fact that I really can't afford it (and she even less!), I obviously want to go. So while I try to make up my mind between being a fun person and being the sensible, responsible adult, I thought these travel questions would be fun to answer. I'd also love to hear your responses!

1. Your most treasured passport stamp? I only have stamps from Tallinn. When I first got my passport almost 10 years ago (eee!), I tried to ask for stamps whilst travelling but it's pretty much impossible these days! Or maybe you can get them once you travel out of Europe, which I haven't done?

Marina di Camerota, Italy, 2006

2. Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked? No? Is that even a thing, I mean can anyone?

3. Preferred method of travel: Plane, train, or automobile? I love all of them. Though, travelling in an automobile can get annoying depending on the company (possibly even without depending on the company) and even though I love flying I usually get a migraine while waiting at the airport, so I'll choose train. Especially if there's a sleeping car, I sleep so well on trains!

4. Top three travel items? I honestly don't think I have things that I always have with me, depends on where I'm going and why. But I suppose, passport, food and a book (or 5).

Finland, 2012

5. Hostel or hotel? I'd say I prefer hotels in a way, but rarely go because price-wise I prefer hostels.

6. Are you a repeat visitor, or do you prefer to explore new places? Exploring all the new places! Though there's always places you want to revisit, too.

7. Do you read up on your destination, or do you wing it? I usually do read a lot about the place I'm going to, but only for fun and not to make definite plans. So if I find something I'd absolutely love to see, I'll know it beforehand instead of finding out about it once I'm back home. But because I don't have an hour-to-hour itinerary, I can end up doing whatever.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, 2014

8. Favorite travel website? I don't have one. Well, kind of this one.

9. Where would you recommend a friend to visit, and why? Usually when people ask what Finland's like I just say "it's orite". But I suppose I would actually recommend visiting my lil' homeboy, especially Lapland. After all, it is almost an exotic place for most people, and there is a lot of things you don't see elsewhere. And if one likes snow, there's a lot of it in the winter.

10. You're leaving tomorrow and money is no option; where are you going? Going back to #8, I'd go on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express from Paris to Istanbul. You have no idea how exited I am about this, even when I know it most likely will never happen. It'd be ~£6000 per person for 6 days. And it'd be so worth it. You get to see all of the places, you travel in the most beautiful old-fashioned train, you get all of the food, most people dress in 20's fashion or in their Sunday best anyway, and you get to fulfill all of your Agatha Christie/Hercule Poirot obsessions. I mean, if you wanted to, you could have a murder mystery situation going on on the train. It's just all I've ever wanted in life.


London Loafers said...

Such an awesome post idea and I actually laughed at the passport number thing - I mean you're right, is that even a thing?
And I wish I was a "discover new places" type of gal. I'm a total repeat visitor!


his_girl_friday said...

I have wanderlust too! But I'm pregnant! So I should probably stay put!

Sam said...

Enjoyed reading this fun travel Q&A, your tips and ideas were great, the Orient Train tour would be amazing. May your week be filled with calm & creativity.

Gail J said...

very very beautiful! I wanna go there! xx

Krysten Gautreaux said...

I just don't know if I could get around the "lots of snow"!

Indy said...

I've never traveled outside the US! I hope to get across the ocean next winter! I just took a road trip around the states and it was wonderful! I love traveling!

Laura said...

Hayfa - it is a good idea:-) haha, i know, doll, i don't even understand why you'd try to memorize the number! i suppose i don't travel often enough to repeat.. and there's nothing wrong in going to a place you know you like multiple times! xx

his_girl_friday - haha! i'm sure you'll have time to travel sometime after the pregnancy, hen! x

Sam - glad you liked it, dear! and i know, the train trip would be more than amazing! x

Gail J - good to hear, hun! xx

Krysten Gautreaux - haha, there's plenty to see in the summer when there's no snow, chick! hope the snow's melted/melting already around there and you're getting some spring weather:-) xx

Indy - ah, but there's plenty to see just in the us! glad to hear the road trip went so well, and i do love travelling too, love! x

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