Wednesday, 2 April 2014

just give me all the bacon and eggs you have

I have pretty much a month's Easter holiday and, as I have no plans, all this free time could (and still can) lead into me staying in bed watching plenty of TV shows. So yesterday I decided to do something constructive instead and baked. I've so many recipes to try, and if you so fancy, I'll share even more of them with you! This cream cheese and bacon tart is one of my favourite things to bake. I think I have three different bacon tart/pie/quiche/pancake/whatever recipes that I use regularly, but this is definitely my favourite. And bacon is my favourite, too.

Shortcrust pastry (I make my own, but any kind is fine!)
4 rashes streaky bacon
1 egg
3 egg yolks
225g cream cheese
1,5dl double cream
salt&black pepper
3 sliced tomatoes (skinned if you can bother)
chopped chives

1. Line your flan ring/tart tin with the pastry. Once you've cut, fried and dried the bacon, arrange in the bottom of the pastry case.

2. Beat the egg and yolks, add the softened cream cheese and beat until smooth. Gradually beat in the cream and season with salt&pepper.

3. Pour the mixture over the bacon and arrange the tomatoes on top.

4. Bake in the centre of the oven (200°C) for 20min, lower heat to 180°C and bake for a further 10min.

5. Enjoy the tart garnished with chopped chives!

Hope your week and April (!) has started well♥!

P.S. I do know that I'm not actually using a proper tin for this tart, but it did turn out alright. You should have an 8inch one for the amount of filling used and I'd recommend not having a tin this shallow. A lot of my baking things are at my mum's or are my mum's; either way, it's sad.


Marisa Noelle said...

Ooh, this looks divine! I'm a big fan of tarts & quiches but I never tried making one of my own. This makes me want to do so right now, hehe. I love food far too much :-)

Leah R. said...

wow looks so yummy, bacon/egg combination is the best! love your photography x
The Frill Seeker

Krysten Gautreaux said...

Oooh that looks very yummy!

Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

Looks wonderful! Love quiches, too, but mine are vegetarian. :)

Indy said...

Wow, that looks so good! My mouth is watering!

Sam said...

This is such a great idea, I am vegan so will be trying out a non-meat version of it.I appreciate your comment...Have a great Friday hun!

Sakuranko said...

Oh many thanks for the recipe looks easy and delicious~

Marta Vanillia said...

I start to be hungry right now :P

Eline said...

Ooooooh it's looking so yummy!

Gail J said...

omg this looks so good !!!

Maja eM said...

So tasty and yummy looking <3

London Loafers said...

Looks positively delicious! Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)


his_girl_friday said...


Rebecca said...

Add bacon to anything and it makes it better! LOL! This looks and sounds so delicious! I really want to make this so thanks so much for the recipe!


Laura said...

Marisa Noelle - thank you:-) i love tarts and quiches too and they're so nice to make! and i do love food so much as well, doll! xx

Leah R. - bacon&eggs are the best! and thank you very much, hen! x

Krysten Gautreaux - it is very good, love! xx

Natalia - quiches are good, hun:-) and i make vegetarian ones too sometimes! x

Indy - haha, thank you, dear! x

Sam - oh, there's so many meatless quiche/tart recipes too:-) and hope you've had a good weekend too, dove! x

Sakuranko - it is both, sweetie! xx

Marta Vanillia - you need to make yourself a wee tart, lovely! haha:-) x

Eline - thank you, that it was, hon! x

Gail J - hehe, thank you, darling! xx

Maja eM - thank you, lovely! it was good:-) xx

Hayfa - thank you, honey! and hoe you had the loveliest weekend as well:-) xx

his_girl_friday - yum indeed, lady! x

Rebecca - that is so true, chick! mmm bacon<3 hope your tart turns out well and you like it! x

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! I absolutely will have to try it soon!

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! I absolutely will have to try it soon!

Laura said...

FineandFeathered - hope you'll like it, love! x

Joelle said...

This look delicious! Will have to give it a try when I'm back at uni! Might sub the tomatoes for broccoli though :)

Laura said...

Joelle - thanks, lovely! hope it'll turn out amazing, and the broccoli goes nicely with everything else! xx

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