Monday, 7 April 2014

black and white and eyebrow talk

Shirt - 2nd hand
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - New look

I had my first ever job interview this weekend. Well done, Laura, you're in your 20s and only now had your first interview! I've kind of had jobs, but I've never been interviewed, haha, and I really do hope I soon get a lil' job. Firstly, I have too much free time for my own good at the moment. And secondly, if I want to stay in Leeds for the summer I need to be able to afford it. Fingers crossed.

I was going to take outfit photos on the day outside, but it rained and I had to abandon the idea. Anyway, I wore a different skirt than the one in the photos, and also had a blazer on. It's still not warm enough to go coatless. I wish it was, though! I used to wear this shirt backwards and tie it to the back so it became a crop top. Lately I came to realize that it's a perfectly alright shirt just the way it is and think I now prefer it as it is. The black buttons and tiny leaf/flower pattern are rather neat:-) Also, this probably sounds really weird, but honestly do my eyebrows look normal? I hate it when people draw their brows on and now fear I may have become one of the people I despise.. Obviously they aren't Scouse brows, slug look-alikes or drawn by 5-year-olds, but still. Most of the time I let mine be, but have recently gotten into actually doing them again. And so far in my life I have always struggled to find a colour and a method that'd really match/go well with my brows. In any case I just feel like I'm too partial to my eyebrows to judge without any bias, ha. This turned into a bit of a ramble now, didn't it.

Hope you have a wonderful week♥!


Krysten Gautreaux said...

Dang I LOVE your shoes!

Marlen said...

i know, im getting SO antsy to put my coats away!! and congrats on the interview- hopefully you get it!! were you nervous at all- i always get so anxious at those things, haha

xo marlen
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Hena Tayeb said...

i would have never though to wear the shirt backwards!
your eyebrows look fine to me..

Indy said...

Mmm, those boots are gorgeous! And I think your eyebrows look great!

Sam said...

Hope the job pans out for you sweety. You look so elegant. Love the boots. Thanks for your visit, hope your week is going well.

Leah R. said...

love your boots x

Laura said...

Krysten Gautreaux - thank you, honey! i quite like them too:-) xx

Marlen - surely the wait will be over soon, haha! and thank you, dear! i didn't really know what to expect, so i wasn't actually nervous.. and beforehand i had only thought about what to wear to the interview instead of actually preparing for it, so my main worry was 'do i look professional enough', haha! xx

Hena Tayeb - i just didn't like the way it actually looked at first, haha! and i'm glad you think so, love, it's probably just all in my head! x

Indy - thank you, sweetie! glad to hear that they aren't awful, think i just needed someone to say that, haha! x

Sam - i hope so too:-) and thank you very much, chick! x

Leah R. - thank you, hen! x

Rachel said...

I love the pattern of your shirt, too, and your shoes are fabulous!

Isabella said...

Fabulous shoes! The pattern works so well with the pattern in the top.

I shade in my eyebrows, too, and always think I've done too much until I see them in pictures and they just look like eyebrows. Yours look like just the right shade with your hair color! 

Laura said...

Rachel - thank you very much, lovely! x

Isabella - ah, thank you, chick! i think it's just that you think you've overdone them when in reality they look just fine! x

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