Thursday, 29 March 2012

the help


I watched "The Help" today and it really is the best movie I've seen in quite some time. I cried pretty much at every scene and my thoughts were mostly about how hateful white people are. Obviously, not so much anymore, but it is shocking to think that still in the 60s most white families pretty muched owned their coloured servants.

On the other hand, the costumes were really good; some seriously lovely dresses. Anyway, I think the film was beautiful. Can't remember the last time when a film affected me this strongly. If you haven't seen it, I'd highly recommend you to do so! :)

All pictures from We heart it.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

the height of stupidity...

This will actually sound like the stupidest thing ever, but whatever.. A while ago I accidentally ordered a magazine. By accidentally I don't mean "oh, i really shouldn't buy this but I still will". This was really an accident. Half asleep I answered the phone, just answered "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.", and had ordered a magazine for 6 months. I could've cancelled it but, of course, didn't remember until it was too late. I really don't get my idiocy!

But it ain't all that bad. I'll just read about beauty&health for 6 months now:-) Also, got these Oriflame make-up as a subscriber gift. There's a mascara, eye shadow trio with black&silver&white, purple lip pencil and a lip balm. So far I've only tried the lip balm, which is good!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

take these broken wings and learn to fly

You might or might not remember this old shirt of my grandpa's. I wear it quite often but as it is so old, the sleeves got quite seriously holey when being caught on  door handles etc. I decided a silk shirt is far too nice to throw away and just sewed the sleeves to be shorter. It is still huuuge, but I like it. (Also, in the upper picture, summer and Cleopatra</3)


Thursday, 22 March 2012

here comes the sun

Skirt & Belt - 2nd hand
Top - Gift (from Paris)
Lace top - H&M
Cardi - Made by grandma
 Shoes - Skopunkten

A friend of mama's gave me this denim skirt last weekend, really nice of her! It's a bit loose on me but hopefully it'll shrink a little in the wash, haha! The last time I had a denim skirt was when I was 12 (and it had this strange lace part at the bottom..) and I'm pretty excited to have one again. It's nothing special but a nice piece to have in one's wardrobe:-)

It's really difficult to know what to wear these days; there's a million inches of snow but it's not that cold. Look out of the window in the morning, see the snow and you'll melt in your layers of too much clothes. Look out of the window in the morning, see the sun and you'll freeze because of the lack of layers. Obviously, I still have a coat on, but I'm already thinking of getting lighter jackets out of the closet. It's about time spring properly arrived to Finland!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

dots in the snow

Dress - Vintage
Shoes - Skopunkten

It was last week, I think, when I found this vintage dress. I love the dots that become more and more dense downwards. Most of my skirts and dresses tend to stay above my knees and longer ones are out of my comfort zone, but maybe it's time to change that. I thought about shortening and fitting it better when I bought it without trying on. (I always do that, how stupid! Luckily, I quite often guess sizes right.) Now I'm not that sure, I quite like it this way, too! What do you think?

Monday, 19 March 2012

food, glorious food

I like food. Actually, I think it must be unnatural not to like food. This year I've spent more time in the kitchen than ever, and can't believe how much I've been missing out. There's so much to learn about cooking and so much to eat.
The first three pictures are from Mother's Day, yesterday. Mama's one lucky gal to have such lovely children like me (and my sister and brother), as we celebrate both British and Finnish date for Mother's Day! Yesterday, I just cooked a wee meal for her which made her pleased all the same.
And the last two are today's tea. As it's my MFM day I tried a new veggie meal. I made baked pasta with tomatoes and mozzarella, using this Jamie Oliver recipe. Can I just say I love Jamie Oliver? He's so enthusiastic about what he does, and that's a quality I like in any person. Mama seemed to like the pasta, but I'm pretty sure the taste will still improve whilst I practice and try it again.

Friday, 16 March 2012

lazy friday



Pretty much every day is a 'lazy day' for me, but this is what my Friday this week looks like. I made this vanilla ice cream and coke drink, and it's the best. It's from a children's cook book, and ever since I got the book, this drink has been one of my favourites. Also, found "The Beavers" in our bookshelf and it's the cutest wee book. It's written by "Grey Owl" (who turns out actually not to be an Indian) and after reading it I'm now loving beavers.

Hope you'll all have a great weekend!

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Dress - Primark
Shirt - Mama's old
Shoes in the box - Vagabond

I was just on my way home when I got this text saying my shoes had arrived to the post office. Luckily, we hadn't passed the office yet and wee excited Laura could go and collect her parcel! I ordered these Vagabonds via Brandos on Sunday and now my new bubbas are home. A pair of shoes makes me so ecstatic and I can't stop looking at these when I pass the mirror in the hallway! Can't believe I wasn't a fan of wedges at first, now most of my shoes are wedges.. These are too pretty.
I did something else that was new today, too. My hair's a bit of a mess in the pictures after walking in the snowy weather and wearing a hat, but I did Heidi braids for the first time! Such a nice and easy hairdo, I'm pretty sure you'll see my hair like this quite often from now on:-)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

all i ever wanted was the world

These are my most recent 2nd hand finds. The dress, originally from H&M, was 5e and the blazer 0,5e! Both seem to have never been worn at all so I'm really happy:-)
Also, laltely I've been listening Marina and the Diamonds on repeat. So excited for her new album to come out!


Sunday, 11 March 2012


I'm wearing sunglasses everyday as the sun and snow are so bright!

Pictures from my wee adventure at the cemetery. I might be a bit bonkers because I love cemeteries! There's just something mysterious and beautiful about them. And the older the cemetery (or graveyard), the more interesting they are. Also, I didn't know that it's a graveyard when it's in the church's grounds and a cemetery when it's separate from the church. This cemetery looks more like a forest right now, as the snow covers most of the gravestones. There's still a huge amount of snow here, but hopefully it'll melt away soonish. At least there's been a lot of sunshine today!
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