Thursday, 22 March 2012

here comes the sun

Skirt & Belt - 2nd hand
Top - Gift (from Paris)
Lace top - H&M
Cardi - Made by grandma
 Shoes - Skopunkten

A friend of mama's gave me this denim skirt last weekend, really nice of her! It's a bit loose on me but hopefully it'll shrink a little in the wash, haha! The last time I had a denim skirt was when I was 12 (and it had this strange lace part at the bottom..) and I'm pretty excited to have one again. It's nothing special but a nice piece to have in one's wardrobe:-)

It's really difficult to know what to wear these days; there's a million inches of snow but it's not that cold. Look out of the window in the morning, see the snow and you'll melt in your layers of too much clothes. Look out of the window in the morning, see the sun and you'll freeze because of the lack of layers. Obviously, I still have a coat on, but I'm already thinking of getting lighter jackets out of the closet. It's about time spring properly arrived to Finland!


danniekate said...

the sun?! girl, there is snow on the ground! you look lovely, though, such nice bright colours! xx

Marisa Noelle said...

Snow, oh my! It's 80 F degrees here and in March! Hard to believe! I haven't had a denim skirt in forever either...and I'm pretty sure I had the same one with the lace around the bottom..hehe. Loving your new skirt and outfit to bits...such a pretty color combo...especially against the snowy backdrop. Stay warm Laura! xx Marisa

xoxo, dania said...

love your outfit! how can you be outside in the snow with just wearing that? even if it snows less than an inch im in layers!

Laura said...

danniekate - haha, i know! thank you, doll! xx

Marisa Noelle - i wish the weather would warm up here as well! oh no, if it was the same one, it really wasn't that pretty, haha! and thank you, dear! xx

xoxo, dania - thank you, love! it really wasn't that cold, but anyway i wasn't without a coat that long:) x

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