Tuesday, 31 May 2016

through the years: may

Just trying to squeeze in this post before the end of May! I don't know how people work full-time and blog regularly. I certainly cannot manage that at the minute, so props to you all who do! Especially since a lot of my work now is scanning, working on Photoshop and handling photographs in general, I just don't feel like doing basically the same thing in a bit of a different form when I get home. Even if I did, where can I find extra time to do all the things I want to and need to do? I'll catch up with your blogs when I do, though, and post more when I do. That's enough about that, here's outfits from previous Mays:

2011: This is a kind of outfit post I've not often done in the past and never in the more present times, I think. A going out outfit, you see. I'm supposed to concentrate on the outfit but I remember this night well too, haha! This is something I'd wear when going out now as well, so not much has changed. I don't have that skirt anymore, I wish I did because I don't own a single black skirt right now! I've given the top to my mum and could wear it if I still wanted:-) You can't really see my bow earrings here, but I was absolutely gutted when I lost the other one. And I still love and own these Vagabond shoes even if they don't get worn too often. Planning on wearing them this weekend! (Them legs, though!)

2012: I don't know if I'd wear the first outfit, but I like the colours. I used to wear those blue tops that are my dad's old so much, haha! I still have them and wear them - but mainly at home. And in the first one I also like my eye make-up that doesn't show that much. This is when I was into the Marina and the Diamonds Electra Heart era and her make-up back then and have done the Marina/Twiggy bottom eyelashes in blue. I kind of want to try this again! I chose to add another picture because 1) my hair looks so different depending on how I did it when I had my side cut, 2) I have the beige (looks white here) dress thing in a pile of clothes I've been meaning to sell and am now reconsidering because it was such an easy and versatile piece of clothing, and 3) I kind of like the second photo even though it's not that great.

2013: Ah, Leeds. I'd wear this outfit again, because shorts + a blazer is always a good combination. Or almost always. The shorts and the blazer are both still my favourites and I have that top as well. The bag, again, is in a pile of to-be-sold things, hehe.

2014: Back to short hair! This is actually the same dress as in the second 2012 picture. And it's a pretty decent outfit. I don't have nice bandeau tops like the dotted one under the dress anymore because my boobs are bigger (haha). Should this dress come out of the to-be-sold pile or has it been worn enough? I can't decide..

2015: It was easy to pick outfits for 2015 and 2014; there were only one outfit post both year for May! I've been lazy busy with uni. Same belt as in 2014 that I don't own anymore (or have lost when moving). Other than that I'd still put this outfit together, and probably have. This is my new "easy and versatile" dress now. I have this backpack with me every day nowadays and before it got warm I was basically wearing my leather jacket every day as well.

2016: A backside preview of an upcoming outfit post. If I ever get to editing and posting and all that!

What's your favourite May-Laura of the past?

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Monday, 30 May 2016

project 366: 144-150

144: Outfit of the day.

145: A card I made for my boss's daughter who's graduating from high school this week:-) (Would be crap if for some reason she was reading this since we've been trying to keep it a secret at work, haha!)

146: I bought this drink dispenser thing and some cute straws. There was little mug/jar things to go with it but they were out of stock. Am I becoming too much of a stereotypical blogger if I get myself mason jars to drink out of? They are pretty, mind you.

147: Took some outfit photos (actually multiple times last week (such blogging, very wow)!). And the weather's actually been incredible ever since last week. So much so that the weekend left me with some pretty decent sun rash..

148: Enjoying the said lovely weather with my plants.

149: Watermelon ice lolly! I also went swimming for the first time this summer/spring on Saturday:-) It was cold but still very enjoyable. I've been swimming every day since then (which totals to a grand three times as of today, but still).

150: Agatha Christie, Moomin chocolates and pretty flowers. It's actual summer here, you guys.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


 Dress - Vintage/Made by my auntie
Shoes - 2nd hand/Asos
Ring - Topshop
Midi rings - Primark

Funny how things work out. The last time I blogged about this dress it was still short and I mentioned about letting it be full length again one day. Two years later and it is 'one day'. It's still the exact same dress, but just by changing the length it seems like the whole character of the dress changes. And the dress's short period as a short dress only adds to the stories it has attached to it. Now it feels fully 70s again. To break away from the vintage reflections I just added a pair of chunky heels (that look a bit wonky here, though).

Like I said a wee while back I went to an art exhibition opening last month and this is what I wore. And unlike the fact that I post dozens of pictures of myself (not to mention how many I actually take..) for everyone to see suggests, I'm not actually too much of an exhibitionist. Just an exhibition-goer and more likely to enjoy seeing an exhibition than being it myself. I often think about how much of a contrast to my younger self I've become, though. I still wouldn't describe a young Laura as an exhibitionist in a way of being attention seeking but I did like being the centre of attention and more than often was. I could  also be incredibly loud and outgoing, which would come and comes as a surprise to people who've met me later in life now that I'm so much more reserved, quiet and - at times - frankly unsociable. And people who've only known as me a child/young teen would not believe how much I've calmed down. Funny how things work out.

There's some randomish thoughts on the transformation of both this vintage dress and my characteristics. (One new characteristic of mine seems to be touching my hair and/or head in literally every picture. Haha, what a tit!) Now as I'm writing this it's getting to that time of night when I meticulously start counting how many hours and minutes there is until the alarm goes off, so I better hurry up before it gets to less than six five! Catch you later!

Monday, 23 May 2016

project 366: 137-143

137: On Monday we decided it was summer and started eating outside. And my dinner was a bowl overflowing with cereal..

138: I GOT INTO UNI. They were supposed to let everyone know the outcome of their application on Monday and I waited all day, getting more and more annoyed, only to get an email the next day. I was sufficiently pissed off about the bit of tardiness that at first I jokingly told my mum I wouldn't go to a uni that is so unpunctual. But, I am going and should be moving to the south of Finland in August/September!

139: Celebratory ice cream re: the news on Tuesday.

140: On Thursday I had a work thing and got a wee goody bag.

141: On Friday my mum had a work thing and brought me this teeny tiny hat as a souvenir!


142&143: Spent the majority of the weekend gardening like the cool gal I am. Repotted most of my plant family, some of them have flowers already and now I'm slowly toughening them by letting them stay outside a little longer each day. Hopefully it'll stay warm outside since carrying everything in and out twice a day is proving to be a bit of a workout..

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

project 366: 130-136

Last week wasn't good for Project 366 as I forgot two days.. I'm not completely on top of this this year, am I! But here's the shots I managed to take throughout the week:

131: A balanced diet of chocolate and veg/fruit:--)

132: Was going to take outfit photos, but it started raining. Here's a sneaky peek of my cool shirt.

134: Still reading this massive poetry book!

135: My hair's so curly atm, much curlier than it looks here. And my lipstick is much more violet than it looks here after a day's wear. But my eyelashes are as poor as they look here. I have a small bald eyelash patch again (luckily not lost half of them this time, though!) so I've not been wearing eye make-up for almost two weeks now. I genuinely don't know why this happens to me pretty much every 2-3 years now!

136: A random lil' meal and another sneak peek at this dress I've finally finished.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

project 366: 123-129

123: After being away, on Monday I was glad to find that no-one had died back home. My lil' thyme and everything else were doing just fine.

124: I actually can't remember what I did on Tuesday apart from work, but I must've been driving somewhere? Who knows.

125: All the sweets.

126: We've got balloons and other stuff left over from my mum's boss's leaving party, haha!

127: Gone and won a gift card to a florist. (Also featured, more leftover party things.)

128: If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen it already (and if you don't follow me, then why not?), but I built this wee greenhouse and am quite happy about it. My plant babies are growing up so quickly they're almost ready to fly out of the nest and try living in the real world!

129: Celebrated Mother's Day vol. II, mainly by making and eating all the food, like this strange flatbread pizza! I also made an orange mousse (that was really nice and there's no pictures because I couldn't wait) and coffee souffl├ęs (that were a failure and that's why there's no pictures of them).

Friday, 6 May 2016

project 366: 116-122

Slightly later in the week than I usually post my Project 366 photos, but, still, here they are:

116: I think it's pretty obvious I enjoy all the little things in life. I bought some ramekins and was super happy about it. We were shopping in Sweden and there's another exciting (and bigger) thing I got but I've not built it yet! And I'll be weeping if my lil' building project doesn't turn out as great as I expect it to be.

117: Made some sima, a Finnish drink for the first of May that is basically just sugar. It's got to be a little fermented, so obviously I did it well in advance, although you could just make it the day before. And I also bought myself a new companion because how cute is my Lowly Worm. Did anyone else watch The Busy World of Richard Scarry? Ever since this day I've had a craving to watch it but don't know where I can find old children's programmes, haha!

118: A very creased, but cute Moomin pillow case. I have loads (no surprise there) but this might be my favourite:-)

119: I hope plant/garden talk isn't boring to all of you, I could literally start writing entire posts about my plant family. My courgettes and mini pumpkins finally sprouted last week. Well exciting.

120: Drove to Ylivieska with my mum to stay at my auntie's and was immediately ready for bed.

121: Our main reason for going to Ylivieska, where my mum and her family's from, was my mum's cousin's funeral. It's not too long ago when I mentioned on the blog that I like funerals and I actually had a lovely time. Of course I'm not keen on people dying and death doesn't make me happy. But. I think it's an important part of life to face death and come to terms with it. I find it both so strange and kind of sad that people don't hold proper funerals anymore. I only just heard that in the south it's become more of a custom not to have a funeral at all or just have a priest and a sexton be there by themselves and not attend. Which makes people not believe that we still have funerals with 120 relatives and friends attending. That's what I like most about funerals; meeting my mum's family, especially since I only see them at funerals and therefore most of them don't even know who I am (haha). And I like remembering the person who's died, hearing stories about them and just being together. I also like funeral food. We didn't have this kind of a funeral for either of my grandparents and it didn't feel as if they got the kind of funerals they deserved. And the last time a cousin of my mum's died (my favourite cousin of hers) I was in the UK and couldn't attend. So it had been quite a while since I last went to a good family funeral and I'm so glad it was as it was. This might sound a bit depressing but I really did have a lovely time.

122: To stay on the topic of funerals and death, on Sunday we visited my grandparents' graves and then other relatives' graves all around the area. Maybe it doesn't sound like it all that much but it was a fun/bittersweet weekend.

What've you been up to; roaming through all the graveyards or something more uplifting?
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