Tuesday, 17 May 2016

project 366: 130-136

Last week wasn't good for Project 366 as I forgot two days.. I'm not completely on top of this this year, am I! But here's the shots I managed to take throughout the week:

131: A balanced diet of chocolate and veg/fruit:--)

132: Was going to take outfit photos, but it started raining. Here's a sneaky peek of my cool shirt.

134: Still reading this massive poetry book!

135: My hair's so curly atm, much curlier than it looks here. And my lipstick is much more violet than it looks here after a day's wear. But my eyelashes are as poor as they look here. I have a small bald eyelash patch again (luckily not lost half of them this time, though!) so I've not been wearing eye make-up for almost two weeks now. I genuinely don't know why this happens to me pretty much every 2-3 years now!

136: A random lil' meal and another sneak peek at this dress I've finally finished.


Laura Mitbrodt said...

That poetry book looks lovely and I love all of your printed tops

districtofchic said...

I wish I could get my hair to do pretty curls like yours!

District of Chic

Raashi Agarwal said...

That balanced diet photo is legit me, so proud of stocking up on vegies or fruit and then I follow it up with lots of chocolate...whoops :P


Optimistic Existentialist said...

You look more and more beautiful every year, my friend! And also, I am wanting that chocolate bar :)

The Mad Twins said...

Can't wait to see your outfit photo's. The blouse look very pretty! Pity it started raining. The poetry books looks amazing! What's it like?

Jess said...

I love that you do these posts, how wonderful it will be to have snapshots from every day of the year! Your curly hair is super cute, although I'm sorry to hear you're having eyelash issues. I love the print on your shirt too, and on the dress you're making. You're going to have a very colourful wardrobe! xx


bbb said...

your photos are so nice! i would love to read that poetry book too it seems lovely

Laura Jones said...

Laura Mitbrodt - thank you, lovely! xx

districtofchic - aw, thank you, dear! it's silly to complain about it when most people with curls want straight hair and most people with straight hair want curls, although most of the time i'm happy with my hair, haha! x

Raashi - haha, that's okay, though, hun! (isn't it?) xx

Optimistic Existentialist - why thank you, pal! it was a good one, a new flavour, i think! xx

The Mad Twins - will definitely have to try again! and the poetry book's pretty decent, it's got english and american poetry from the middle ages to the twentieth century:-) so if you're into poetry it's more than likely there's at least something you'll enjoy in this book! xx

Jess - thank you, it's so nice to hear these are liked! especially since it has become a wee part of my life now, haha. my lashes have thankfully almost all grown back now! and thank you, thank you, doll! xx

bbb - thank you very much, gal! it's a pretty good book:-) xx

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