Tuesday, 31 May 2016

through the years: may

Just trying to squeeze in this post before the end of May! I don't know how people work full-time and blog regularly. I certainly cannot manage that at the minute, so props to you all who do! Especially since a lot of my work now is scanning, working on Photoshop and handling photographs in general, I just don't feel like doing basically the same thing in a bit of a different form when I get home. Even if I did, where can I find extra time to do all the things I want to and need to do? I'll catch up with your blogs when I do, though, and post more when I do. That's enough about that, here's outfits from previous Mays:

2011: This is a kind of outfit post I've not often done in the past and never in the more present times, I think. A going out outfit, you see. I'm supposed to concentrate on the outfit but I remember this night well too, haha! This is something I'd wear when going out now as well, so not much has changed. I don't have that skirt anymore, I wish I did because I don't own a single black skirt right now! I've given the top to my mum and could wear it if I still wanted:-) You can't really see my bow earrings here, but I was absolutely gutted when I lost the other one. And I still love and own these Vagabond shoes even if they don't get worn too often. Planning on wearing them this weekend! (Them legs, though!)

2012: I don't know if I'd wear the first outfit, but I like the colours. I used to wear those blue tops that are my dad's old so much, haha! I still have them and wear them - but mainly at home. And in the first one I also like my eye make-up that doesn't show that much. This is when I was into the Marina and the Diamonds Electra Heart era and her make-up back then and have done the Marina/Twiggy bottom eyelashes in blue. I kind of want to try this again! I chose to add another picture because 1) my hair looks so different depending on how I did it when I had my side cut, 2) I have the beige (looks white here) dress thing in a pile of clothes I've been meaning to sell and am now reconsidering because it was such an easy and versatile piece of clothing, and 3) I kind of like the second photo even though it's not that great.

2013: Ah, Leeds. I'd wear this outfit again, because shorts + a blazer is always a good combination. Or almost always. The shorts and the blazer are both still my favourites and I have that top as well. The bag, again, is in a pile of to-be-sold things, hehe.

2014: Back to short hair! This is actually the same dress as in the second 2012 picture. And it's a pretty decent outfit. I don't have nice bandeau tops like the dotted one under the dress anymore because my boobs are bigger (haha). Should this dress come out of the to-be-sold pile or has it been worn enough? I can't decide..

2015: It was easy to pick outfits for 2015 and 2014; there were only one outfit post both year for May! I've been lazy busy with uni. Same belt as in 2014 that I don't own anymore (or have lost when moving). Other than that I'd still put this outfit together, and probably have. This is my new "easy and versatile" dress now. I have this backpack with me every day nowadays and before it got warm I was basically wearing my leather jacket every day as well.

2016: A backside preview of an upcoming outfit post. If I ever get to editing and posting and all that!

What's your favourite May-Laura of the past?

P.S. Also check out my previous "through the years" from April if you haven't before!
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Laura Mitbrodt said...

It is so crazy to see the transformation, I would get to freaked out doing this for myself haha

rae lovefromberlin said...

What cute outfits! You have such a lovely sense of style - love the feminine but indie touch. You are definitely channeling some Zooey Deschanel!

Rae | Love from Berlin

Sara-h Jane said...

Cute from beginning to end! I am with you on trying to keep up with posting, I get so behind sometimes!

Corinne said...

I think I like the first one best!

Ahh, Leeds indeed. Leeds misses you!

Corinne x

Rebecca said...

I completely agree I have no idea how some people can blog so much. I can only get in one post a week because I want to only publish quality stuff. So just do what you can and be proud of that!! :) loved seeing your recap of past outfits. It's amazing how much we all change. Love your upcoming post. The dress is beautiful!


The Mad Twins said...

I love your party outfit! :) You will have time soon! Fulltime blogging is indeed hard! I'm looking forward to the post that is coming!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello, Lovely outfits and you look fantastic.

I love the second last photo. Gorgeous.

Best wishes

Joanna Joy said...

I like the versatile gray metallic dress with the black jacket.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the outfit in the 4th picture, and I LOVE the dress in the last picture! You always look so spectacular.

Hena Tayeb said...

I agree.. it is often difficult balancing it all.. and blogging should be fun not feel like another job.

Raashi Agarwal said...

This is such a smart post to do! So cool to look over the years - I looove the shorts and blazer outfit! P.S. Can totally relate to the busy feeling! I'm slowly but surely catching up on posts, as you can see :p


Kati said...

I really like this series! That blue coat is really pretty...


Laura Jones said...

Laura Mitbrodt - personally, i don't think i've changed all that much, haha! and haha, i'm sure it wouldn't be that bad, love! xx

Rae - thank you so much, doll! xx

Sara-h Jane - why, thank you, gal! i'm glad i'm not the only one, although i'm so bad at times.. i genuinely have so many posts from over a year ago that i should've post and now don't know if it's too late, haha! xx

Corinne - thanks, chicken! it's a nice one, i think:-D i really want to at least visit if not move back, ha! xx

Rebecca - there really doesn't seem to be enough time and i feel like one post per week is really good as well! but i also feel like if one actually makes a schedule and plans everything, it'd get easier to manage blog-real life balance, haha! and thank you so much, doll! xx

The Mad Twins - thank you, thank you, sweetie! i think i'll manage to be more present in the blogosphere once i go back to uni and stop working, so i'll have time to figure out a proper schedule on things! :-) xx

Joseph Pulikotil - thank you so much, pal! x

Joanna Joy - thank you, hun! x

Optimistic Existentialist - thank you very much, friend! x

Hena Tayeb - oh, i agree, hon!

Raashi - thank you, honey! haha, i know, so little time, so much to do! xx

Kati - so lovely to hear you do, hen! and thank you, i do really love it myself, hehe! xx

Shilpa Chandrasekheran said...

So nice :)
The last one is cool

Laura Jones said...

Shilpa Chandrasekheran - thank you, lovely! x

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