Friday, 6 May 2016

project 366: 116-122

Slightly later in the week than I usually post my Project 366 photos, but, still, here they are:

116: I think it's pretty obvious I enjoy all the little things in life. I bought some ramekins and was super happy about it. We were shopping in Sweden and there's another exciting (and bigger) thing I got but I've not built it yet! And I'll be weeping if my lil' building project doesn't turn out as great as I expect it to be.

117: Made some sima, a Finnish drink for the first of May that is basically just sugar. It's got to be a little fermented, so obviously I did it well in advance, although you could just make it the day before. And I also bought myself a new companion because how cute is my Lowly Worm. Did anyone else watch The Busy World of Richard Scarry? Ever since this day I've had a craving to watch it but don't know where I can find old children's programmes, haha!

118: A very creased, but cute Moomin pillow case. I have loads (no surprise there) but this might be my favourite:-)

119: I hope plant/garden talk isn't boring to all of you, I could literally start writing entire posts about my plant family. My courgettes and mini pumpkins finally sprouted last week. Well exciting.

120: Drove to Ylivieska with my mum to stay at my auntie's and was immediately ready for bed.

121: Our main reason for going to Ylivieska, where my mum and her family's from, was my mum's cousin's funeral. It's not too long ago when I mentioned on the blog that I like funerals and I actually had a lovely time. Of course I'm not keen on people dying and death doesn't make me happy. But. I think it's an important part of life to face death and come to terms with it. I find it both so strange and kind of sad that people don't hold proper funerals anymore. I only just heard that in the south it's become more of a custom not to have a funeral at all or just have a priest and a sexton be there by themselves and not attend. Which makes people not believe that we still have funerals with 120 relatives and friends attending. That's what I like most about funerals; meeting my mum's family, especially since I only see them at funerals and therefore most of them don't even know who I am (haha). And I like remembering the person who's died, hearing stories about them and just being together. I also like funeral food. We didn't have this kind of a funeral for either of my grandparents and it didn't feel as if they got the kind of funerals they deserved. And the last time a cousin of my mum's died (my favourite cousin of hers) I was in the UK and couldn't attend. So it had been quite a while since I last went to a good family funeral and I'm so glad it was as it was. This might sound a bit depressing but I really did have a lovely time.

122: To stay on the topic of funerals and death, on Sunday we visited my grandparents' graves and then other relatives' graves all around the area. Maybe it doesn't sound like it all that much but it was a fun/bittersweet weekend.

What've you been up to; roaming through all the graveyards or something more uplifting?


Laura Mitbrodt said...

That fermented drink sounds a little like Kombucha

Hena Tayeb said...

that little worm is adorable.
when ever we go back home we always have a day where we visit our grandparents and all other relatives in that cemetery.

Raashi Agarwal said...

The photo of your courgettes sprouting is so lovely! I kinda get what you mean about funerals, just the ones that end up being celebrations of someone's life are so bittersweet.

Gail J said...

I think it is good to enjoy and appreciate every little thing in life you know. Sometimes, we are just happy about the stuff that so superficial that money can buy. To enjoy and live the life in a positive way, the gratitude is a must. Wish I can see you again though!

Corinne said...

Sorry to hear about the loss but I'm glad you were able to take something positive out of the funeral. I dread funerals so much because I have no control over my emotions ha.

Corinne x

Laura Jones said...

Laura Mitbrodt - a little i suppose, except it's not made out of tea, pal! xx

Hena Tayeb - isn't he! and that's a really nice thing to do, hun! xx

Raashi - thank you, chick! it does depend a lot on who's died and who's at the funeral, i think, but most funerals i've been to have been lovely:-) xx

Gail J - very true! and right back at you, dear! xxx

Corinne - thank you, lovely! haha, you're allowed to be a mess at a funeral, though! xx

Jessica Acton said...

I love these posts from you, it's interesting to see sneak peaks into little moments of your day. In some posh shops you can get ready meals in those rammekins, and my mum's friend was laughing about the fact that people donate them to charity shops but I think it's nice and I buy them too!

I sort of know what you mean about funerals too - they're a really important part of the grieving process and I feel like a good funeral is so important in honouring someone and celebrating the positive things that they brought to the world xx


Laura Jones said...

Jessica Acton - so good to hear they're liked, doll! haha, i just want to make little souffl├ęs, but they always seem to fail.. got to practise with my new ramekins! and yes, exactly! xx

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