Friday, 29 April 2016

classic colours

 Shirt&Bag - 2nd hand/Gifts
Coat - 2nd hand
Jeans - H&M
Gloves - Accessorize
Shoes - Gift
Sunglasses - Citymarket

I swear I thought our garage doors were red until I went to take these pictures and was forced to face the reality and see they are brown. Strange how you can see something almost everyday and not even know what it/they look like! But maybe the red of my bag and shoes is enough red for one blog post.

Usually in an outfit I feel like there's one item of clothing I want to focus on and talk about, yet here I'm not sure where to start. Because the bag is new, and the shirt is new, the coat isn't new but I don't think it's been on the blog and ditto to the gloves. So here's a list (who doesn't like lists!):

1. Short story first. Last year on one of my visits to London I forgot to take any hand-warming garments with me and the first thing to do when arrived at Victoria was to buy the cheapest pair of gloves I could find. And these are the lucky ones, but it turned out I was the lucky one because I've been wearing these so much and they are pretty neat!

2. When I arrived in Finland, most of my things were still in the UK and among those things were my winter coats. So this is a necessary coat I got, and I'm quite sure it was under £5. It's basically all you'd want a coat to be. Warm enough, but not too warm. Slightly oversized, still the right size. Big pockets. And I love the little breast pocket, embroidery detail and the buttons. I actually collect buttons and aren't golden anchor buttons rather perfect?

3. I got this shirt and bag from my mum's friend. A patterned, light knit, black and white shirt? Yes, please. And I've recently broken the zipper in my usual day-to-day bag and had been thinking about possibly getting a new one when I got this red one. If I had bought a bag myself, it would've been either black or brown because practicality, so I'm actually really keen on the fact that it's red. Very happy with that. And, although they aren't exactly the same shade, the bag kind of matches my red shoes!

What a novel.


Gail J said...

omg just to think about buying a pair of gloves in London. If I were you, I would head to Primark lol The bag you got and shoes are so pretty! Still in a good condition too ^^

Corinne said...

THE GLOVES! Can't believe these were the cheapest ones, they're lovely.

Corinne x

Laila said...

I really love the shirt! It looks beautiful on you, black and white is just so classic, always looks good :) xx

Imogen said...

This is such a gorgeous and classy look. I especially love the patterned top and the touches of red. Very beautiful gloves too.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I really love that purple jacket :) it is absolutely beautiful!!

Michaela Scalisi said...

Very chic! I love the bag :)


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Jessica Acton said...

This is a lovely outfit, you look so cute! Black and white is always a good combination and I love the simplicity of your stripy shirt. All my coast are oversize too, so I find I have to wear extra thick jumpers so the wind can't sneak underneath! I really like the matchy matchyness of your bag and shoes and lipstick xx


E said...

Love the black and white top and touches of red in this look!

District of Chic

Laura Jones said...

Gail J - hahaha! i just went to the first shop and luckily wasn't robbed out of all my money;-) thank you, doll! and i know, the bag hadn't been used at all and still had all the tags and plasticy bits intact! xx

Corinne - hehe, thank you, dear! i'm pretty sure i got them on sale! xx

Laila - thank you, chicken! can't really go wrong with a little black and white:-) xx

Imogen - thank you, thank you, hun! xx

Optimistic Existentialist - thank you, pal! i see it as more of a blue though, haha! xx

Michaela - thank you, pet! x

Jessica Acton - thank you very much, gal! and that's very true, it can easily get too breezy in oversized clothes, ha! xx

E - thank you, hen! x

The Mad Twins said...

I like the story that your gloves and coat are bought in London and Finland, because you needed it. The gloves are really wonderful! You really styled it with the red accent!

Laura Jones said...

The Mad Twins - thank you, thank you, dear! xx

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