Tuesday, 19 April 2016

project 366: 102-108

102: Some new make-up. I might even post about these separately, although the content of that post is basically just 'here's some make-up I bought on sale', ha!

103: The day's food shopping for the next day's lunch. Exciting stuff.

104: April's Moomins in my Moomin calendar. I wouldn't mind making and eating pancakes while camping either!

105: Breakfast in bed - my favourite! Also some new stuff I got gifted and wee Moomin chocolates I bought for myself. (I might've gotten three boxes because they were so cute..)

106:Another week, another day without any photos. Spent the day dying in bed for a change. Hope this won't get into too much of a habit.

107: Plant life. I think it's only a Finnish tradition to grow ryegrass for Easter and I only threw mine away last week. It came out of it's pot in a perfect circle and I thought it looked quite cute. Not cute enough to avoid it's fate of being thrown into a ditch, though. And my tomatoes and basil (and everything else not pictured) are still growing:-)

108: Still cold enough to light a cosy lil' fire every now and then!


Dainté said...

I just saw Moomin and it reminded me on how much I was scared of that cartoon when I was a kid :D

Gail J said...

You know there's a new Moomin's cafe opened in bangkok a week ago :) You should come for a visit!

Amy said...

These photos are all so perfect for spring! I especially love the plant ones, I've been meaning to start growing some more ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Laura Mitbrodt said...

These photos are all so cute, I want some potted plants

Laura Jones said...

Dainté - oh no, hun! the moomins were - and still are - my favourite! you should try watching it again, haha:-) xx

Gail J - that (and seeing you) would definitely be reason enough to come for a visit! wish i had the money, haha.. :-) i'd actually love to come there, dear! xx

Amy - thank you, love! you should definitely get yourself some new plant babies! xx

Laura Mitbrodt - thanks, lady! you'll have to get some, they're so much fun to grow! xx

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