Thursday, 30 June 2016

mint to be and other cliché titles

 Dress - House of Fraser/Cutie
Bra - H&M
Blazer&Earrings&Bag - Stolen off mama
Shoes - Vagabond

I've had this dress for over a year, but I only wore it for the first time this summer. And after that I've been wearing it quite a bit. It's been to graduation parties, a wedding, a vicar's inauguration and of course in day-to-day life since I cannot separate formal and casual clothes at all, ha! I was unsure about what I could wear underneath it, and even asked if the bra looks awful like this on Twitter. I'm still a bit unsure about it, even though I have worn it like this many times now. I should invest in a backless/low back bra, so I won't have this problem. It's often been either not that warm or I've been in a more formal setting where I've not wanted to show as much flesh as the dress allows, so I've been able to cover up with this blazer or a number of other options. And I suppose it doesn't really look that bad and it's only all in my head! Either way, I do really like the dress and am sure it'll continue to become a staple this summer! :-)

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

through the years: june

It's almost the end of the month, so I better put this post of June outfits 2011-2016 up before it does end! Here we go:

 2011: I'd still wear both of these, but there were also more questionable choices in 2011. I still wear the white sleeveless shirt in the first one quite often - especially at work. And these two outfits have made me realize my wardrobe is lacking: I need 1) a black skirt (I used to have several, now zero!), 2) denim shorts, and 3) a blue shirt (with or without sleeves). This shirt was so nice! And I need to start wearing my grandpa's old watch that's in the second picture again. In the first picture I'm still in Edinburgh and in the second by the river at my childhood home. Missing both those places!

 2012: I haven't worn my graduation dress or hat since this day but I wish I had and I will try and do so at some point in the future! But I actually could recreate both of these outfits if I wanted to. Apart from the red Risto-Matti Ratia wellies who served me well in their time. And that blazer+dress combo has been seen on me more recently than 2012, too!

 2013: Can we talk about this kind of filters and edits that were featured on my blog all the time? 2013 isn't even that long ago, why did I think these were cool, haha? I like the outfit, though! Both the playsuit and the top are in a pile of to-be-sold clothes, but if I still fitted into the playsuit I'd be wearing it all summer like I used to! These shoes were pretty neat, too.

 2014: I only added the first photo because not more than two weeks ago I added that blue dress to the to-be-sold pile, and here it looks rather pretty and I'm doubting myself. But even if the dress goes, I should start wearing all my pretty socks, like these violet print ones, more often! And I loved having my hair like it is in the first one. As in the title of the original post, the second one is an uncharacteristically casual Laura. I love the hat and the t-shirt; both are still worn on the regular. I really liked the trousers as well, but at the same time didn't feel comfortable in them. Which is why I didn't have them that long. I'd still be open to finding and wearing a good pair of printed trousers!

 2015: Ah, my favourite graveyard in Leeds and trusty outfit photo spot! I do actually own every piece of clothing here, now a year later, apart from the shoes. It's not a bad one, but I definitely would not wear this again on a windy day.. Literally half the population of Leeds saw my underwear (both bra and knickers) on that day!

2016: And here's an outfit from the beginning of the month that I'll finally post later in the week!

Let me know which year/outfit is your favourite, or if there's any you find particularly off, haha!

I've added links to the original posts to the previous "Through the years" posts now as well, after realizing I hadn't done so before. So if you fancy reading those and seeing the outfits of previous months, you can find them here: April | May

Monday, 27 June 2016

project 366: 172-178

172: It's definitely summer now and we've got flowers both in and outside:--)

173: More flowers at the lake and I found this lil' bridge that I'm going to utilize for outfit photos and other adventures in the future!

174: The weather's been nice, the river's been very blue and I've been swimming a bit. Looking forward to more swimming this week, though, as long as it stays like this!

175: These tomatoes were so big and made for some great stuffed tomatoes.

176: Lily of the valleys.

177: Made these aubergine melts! (They look nice, but I didn't actually like them and will try making these with courgettes instead sometime. Also, this was the first time ever I had aubergines, haha!)

178: Lilacs in bloom! Quite a bit of flowers in this post but everything is just so pretty at the moment!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

cornish pixie

 Dress - 2nd hand
Shoes - Vagabond
Necklace - Gift from my godmother

UHH, can I just say I bought this dress for less than £2? Because I did, and it's ridiculous. It falls so well, and the colours and print are both so gorgeous. I am very happy with finding little bargains and treasures like this! It is a long maxi so it needs to be paired with higher heels, but that's not a problem either. I don't take these white wedges out too often from fear of getting them dirty, but maybe it's time to wear them more often. I love them even more than the dress, which means they shouldn't be left in the wardrobe.

Shout-out to you all (probably most of you!) who know what the blog post title is referring to! At first I thought I was channelling a dryad or a forest fairy of some kind with this dress in the woods, but decided on a Cornish pixie because of the blue colour. That's where the similarities between me and a Cornish pixie end. I hope.


Monday, 20 June 2016

project 366: 165-171

165: What I do in between football matches every day.

166: It's been a while since I last posted about my plants or gardening, right..?  Here's how my tomatoes are growing! Can't wait to eat them!

167: A messy princess bed. In other words, the mosquitoes have arrived and I don't want to be bitten in my sleep. Or while awake.

168: Work things and curls for days.

169: Forgot a day yet again, but I did nothing exciting to show on Friday anyway. Work and football, work and football.

170: A bouquet of weeds. They're quite pretty:-)

171: Made some really great lasagna on Saturday that we still had on Sunday and that I now can take to work for lunch! (I'm so lazy at making food for work, so it'll be nice to have "proper" food instead of sandwiches and that, haha!)

Saturday, 18 June 2016

project 366: 158-164

158: Reading museum magazines, working in museums, doing everything re: museums.

159: After work, I spent the day being poorly in bed watching the Moomins in my Moomin sheets.

160: Even though this is from last Wednesday, I can still say this is my current read. I just don't have too much time to read at the moment, so a book I'd definitely normally finish in a day is now taking weeks..

161: Not proud of this picture, I've probably taken better ones when I was a 5-year-old. But it freaking snowed last week! Summer in Finland<3

162: Football is taking up most of my time now and pretty much dictates my mood on a daily basis. Right now I'm still very excited and hopeful for England to do well. We'll see how it goes! I'm trying not to tweet about it too much since it's the most boring thing to see if you're not into football (or any sports/event/thing you're not following that someone keeps going on and on about) but I might mention the Euros on social media every now and then, haha. I'll try and not blog about it, though! But I do love it. I might be watching football as I write this as well.

163: To balance out the football talk, here's photos of my make-up from a wedding I went to/worked at last Saturday!

164: Went for a wee Sunday walk in the woods with my mum and she picked some pretty arctic starflowers!

Since I'm so late in the week with this week's Project 366 photos, I'll see you in a couple of days with a new one (unless my football hiatus continues..)! Hope you're all well, enjoying the Euros (haha) and not having to endure snow in June!
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