Thursday, 30 June 2016

mint to be and other cliché titles

 Dress - House of Fraser/Cutie
Bra - H&M
Blazer&Earrings&Bag - Stolen off mama
Shoes - Vagabond

I've had this dress for over a year, but I only wore it for the first time this summer. And after that I've been wearing it quite a bit. It's been to graduation parties, a wedding, a vicar's inauguration and of course in day-to-day life since I cannot separate formal and casual clothes at all, ha! I was unsure about what I could wear underneath it, and even asked if the bra looks awful like this on Twitter. I'm still a bit unsure about it, even though I have worn it like this many times now. I should invest in a backless/low back bra, so I won't have this problem. It's often been either not that warm or I've been in a more formal setting where I've not wanted to show as much flesh as the dress allows, so I've been able to cover up with this blazer or a number of other options. And I suppose it doesn't really look that bad and it's only all in my head! Either way, I do really like the dress and am sure it'll continue to become a staple this summer! :-)


Corinne said...

The back detail is so pretty and it's a lovely colour :)

Corinne x

Gail J said...

you look so pretty in this dress! Though I don't wear other colors except black (or some kinds of shades like that) This color looks so pretty!

Ali Hval said...

It has definitely been warm, or something a lot more than that. ;) Ha! I love the color of that dress. So gorgeous!

Kelsey & Kenecha said...

Cute dress! I love the colour.


Joanna Joy said...

Great dress color on you! I like how you accessorized with black with this outfit.

Kati said...

Oh my, this outfit is just adorable! The dress is too pretty and I also love your bag!

Have a great week,

P.S.: Thanks for leaving such nice comment on my recent post!

Laila said...

Gorgeous dress and I LOVE the back detail! x

Laura Jones said...

Corinne - thank you, lovely! xx

Gail J - thank you, honey! i've always really liked mint green even though i don't like green in general, haha:-) xx

Ali Hval - haha, it's only been rainy here these days! and thank you so much, dear! xx

Kelsey & Kenecha - thank you, hun! xx

Joanna Joy - thank you, lady! x

Kati - thank you very much, sweets! and don't mention it! :-) xx

Laila - thank you, pet! it's good, isn't it, haha! xx

Jessica Acton said...

Beautiful dress!! I love the mint colour, I think you look a bit like Alice in Wonderland. Pretty clothes should be worn all the time, not just in formal situations ;) Could you be comfortable going bra-less? If so, I highly recommend it for backless dresses.

Jessthetics xx

Laura Jones said...

Jess - thank you, chicken! i would never have thought of alice, haha, but thank you! and that's very true, no point in having something in your wardrobe and not wearing it! two years ago or even a year ago, i probably would've considered going braless, but i've now a tiny bit fuller figure, and don't know if i'd be comfortable, haha.. i should try it, though! xx

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