Monday, 27 June 2016

project 366: 172-178

172: It's definitely summer now and we've got flowers both in and outside:--)

173: More flowers at the lake and I found this lil' bridge that I'm going to utilize for outfit photos and other adventures in the future!

174: The weather's been nice, the river's been very blue and I've been swimming a bit. Looking forward to more swimming this week, though, as long as it stays like this!

175: These tomatoes were so big and made for some great stuffed tomatoes.

176: Lily of the valleys.

177: Made these aubergine melts! (They look nice, but I didn't actually like them and will try making these with courgettes instead sometime. Also, this was the first time ever I had aubergines, haha!)

178: Lilacs in bloom! Quite a bit of flowers in this post but everything is just so pretty at the moment!


B Ramida said...

nice pics!

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks my dear :D
Great pictures :D

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Cara E said...

Gorgeous photos, I love the shots of the flowers especially!

Meg Candid said...

Can I please have an Aubergine melt?! how delish does that look!
Also the detail in the first image of the rose is so beautiful. I love it.

Laura Mitbrodt said...

Those tomatoes look so good and yummy, I want that eggplant dish

Laura Jones said...

B Ramida - thank, gal! x

Miguel Gouveia - thanks, pal! x

Cara E - thank you, dear! x

Meg Candid - i'd happily give them to you, haha! and thank you, sweets, means a lot! xx

Laura Mitbrodt - don't they! haha, maybe i'll post a recipe, hun! though it's the easiest thing to make! xx

Raashi Agarwal said...

I love the flower photos so much.
And now I'm craving something cheesy haha


Laila said...

Those tomatoes are huge!!! They look amazing!!x

Laura Jones said...

Raashi - thank you, pet! and sorry about that, haha! xx

Laila - aren't they, hen! xx

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