Sunday, 24 April 2011


I'm thinking of cutting my hair. I just don't know what I want to do with it. I like it long but I also liked it when it was really short. Anyway, my hair grows rather quickly so it wouldn't be that bad if I didn't like the result. I just need to decide if I want to keep it long or chop it all off.

Any ideas? (:

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Cardi - Primark
Body - Mama's old
Skirt - H&M
Bag - 2nd hand
Headband - Glitter (?)

This was ageees ago but I still remember where I was wearing this outfit. We all (me, my hostmom, dad and sister) went out to Wetherspoons for breakfast. I had pancakes with maple syrup, tastyy:) I'd really like to go out for breakfast more often. Just so much more enjoyable to go to a table and be served etc!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

'cause today i swear i'm not doing anything

Cardi - Zara
Shirt - H&M
Jeggings - KappAhl
Bag - New look

 I was a lovely child today and posted a parcel to mama:) Most of the stuff might've been things I'm sending back to Finland but it doesn't matter.

My culinary skills are beyond belief. Made a bacon roll for lunch. I honestly could eat bacon every day♥ Now I'm back to listening Bruno Mars' The lazy song 'cause that's just what I feel like today:)

camera obscura

 I went to the Camera obscura and world of illusions some time ago, it was quite cool. The camera obscura kinda projected the whole Edinburgh and it was really worth visiting. Some of the illusions were pretty amazing as well. I was being such a child there but, well, it was fun:)

Leather jacket - My auntie's old
Dress - Mama's old
Cardi - Zara
Shoes - Barratts
Bag - New look

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

i just want you closer, is that alright?

Bought this tunic from Topshop, probably some weeks ago. It was on sale so it was only £7, nay bad! I really like the lace bit and so :)

I hate how I have loads of pictures on my camera and computer yet I never post them. I just don't always know what to write and then they tend to get forgotten. Or I feel like it's stupid to say something like "yeah, here's what I wore last month!" I'll try to be a better blogger and post proper things. And post them when they happen.

Anyway, today I would've had maths revision for three hours. I had my alarm on but then decided that I like my bed more than maths. Maths is probably my strongest subject at the moment so I don't even feel like I needed the revision that much. Later I was kind of battling between lazing all day and revising by myself. A lazy day seemed like the better option..

why is a raven like a writing desk?

I might be slightly in love♥ Can't believe how pretty my mug is, and there's also my new books in the first picture (Charlotte Brontë's "Villette" and "The Professor" and Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"). But I'm just too excited about my mug:):)

This is my outfit fromyesterday, sorry for the quality.. I'm really loving how you don't need a jacket outside anymore:) At least on most days.

Cardi & skirt - H&M
Shirt - New look (I wear this far too often!)
Belt & Shoes - Mama's old

Monday, 18 April 2011

the person who has not pleasure in a good novel must be intolerably stupid

I write quotes everywhere, especially in my diary. And Harry Potters are so quotable! I need to start rereading them again soon.

I was uptown today and I bought new books. I actually can't remember whan was the last time I bought a proper book so it was about time! Now I'll spend the rest of my day reading:):)

Thursday, 14 April 2011


I've refound my love for Paolo, Kate and Marina♥

call me tess

Tired face:(

This is what I've been reading lately. I thought the ending was rather disappointing but I did enjoy the book:)

P.s. See how my nails match with my pyjamas!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

oh darling, i'll kiss your eyes

Two days in art and I've pretty much finished my final work! Still going to school tomorrow though, what an interesting holiday I'm having here.. Hope everyone else is actually enjoying themselves a bit more:)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


So it's Easter holidays and what have I been doing? School. I had three hours of English close reading revision yesterday which was quite alright. Today I was in art and I really need to go tomorrow. Probably on Thursday, too. I only started painting my final idea today..

It's a bit sad to be at school when the weather's so good but no can do. The light is really lovely outside but it doesn't seem like that in the pictures. The lighting's really shan.. We were planning to go to a park with my friend this evening but I'm not sure what's actually happening. Might be going to the park or just staying in the night:)

Shirt & Bag - New look
Skirt - London (can't remember where it's from!)
Blazer - H&M
Shoes - Vagabond
Ring - Urban outfitters


wreck da journal!

I bought this a while ago, love it♥

Monday, 11 April 2011


Cardi & top - H&M
Shoes - Mama's old

Bikini top - H&M £9.99
Tights - H&M £6.99

Purse/wallet/whatever - New look £4.99
Overknee socks - New look £4.99

Blusher - The body shop £12
Brush - The body shop £12

I spent most of my time uptown just sitting at Grassmarket. The weather was really great and I had my lunch there and never bothered to leave:)

I also went to get some basic tights and found the bikini top as well. I needed a new wallet and found nice socks. Went to get the blusher brush and had to buy a new blusher. You get the pattern.. I'm too talented at wasting money! :--)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

drooling over

1. Large Alice Mug. What can I say, I just need this.

2. Egg Timer Necklace. The accessories at Urban Outfitters are all so pretty. I really love this one♥.

3. Ben & Jerry's, always!

 alexa chung wears luella spring 2010 to vogue private dinner london fashion week
4. A Luella dress. This is the one I have in mind but I wouldn't actually be offended if I got another one..

5. A holiday. I just want to go somewhere:( !

 I actually have pictures from yesterday but I'll post them later. Most likely tomorrow. I'm too lazy!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

calton hill

Calton hill is one of my favourite places in Edinburgh. The monuments just look so out of place and the views are incredible.

I'm really wanting to take someone on a picnic there. Or someone to take me on a picnic. One of the greatest things during spring is going on picnics and Calton hill would just be perfect. And picnics aren't something you can do on your own!

Friday, 8 April 2011

you should be wilder, you're no fun at all

Well, as I'm still in high school this is what my days are sometimes like:

Dress - New look
Cardi - Zara

Homework, Scrubs and food. I don't even know how old these pictures are! Must've been some Sunday as my hair's a mess and I have no make-up:)
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