Tuesday, 19 April 2011

i just want you closer, is that alright?

Bought this tunic from Topshop, probably some weeks ago. It was on sale so it was only £7, nay bad! I really like the lace bit and so :)

I hate how I have loads of pictures on my camera and computer yet I never post them. I just don't always know what to write and then they tend to get forgotten. Or I feel like it's stupid to say something like "yeah, here's what I wore last month!" I'll try to be a better blogger and post proper things. And post them when they happen.

Anyway, today I would've had maths revision for three hours. I had my alarm on but then decided that I like my bed more than maths. Maths is probably my strongest subject at the moment so I don't even feel like I needed the revision that much. Later I was kind of battling between lazing all day and revising by myself. A lazy day seemed like the better option..

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