Monday, 10 September 2012

red, white and blue

Jumper&Boots - 2nd hand
Skirt (Dress) - Vero Moda
Hat - H&M
Earrings - New look (new)

Didn't even notice I was all Union Jack-ey before taking these pictures. But it goes well with the news I've got: I'm moving to the UK! It's all pretty sudden but here we go. I got a place in uni and am supposed to move during this week. There's loads and loads to do so obviously it may get a bit quiet around this lil' blog. I haven't even settled properly here at mama's new place and haven't unpacked everything, and now I need to pack again. See you later, lovelies♥!

Friday, 7 September 2012

liverpool i left you

This is what I'm currently reading: Jonathan Gould's "Can't buy me love". I got it from my brother and his girlfriend. The book's supposed to be the best Beatles book ever written, and I do hope so. I've dabbled through the first hundred-or-so pages, and am enjoying the book:-) It's in Finnish, and I do believe it'd be a lot better in English. I always prefer to read books in the original language, if possible! Like the part when they talk about scouse, I'm pretty sure the translator hasn't quite understood it.. But, yeah, I really do like the book, and it must be one of my favourite presents! (Also, I've always wondered what the 8 in Ringo Starr's song "Liverpool 8" means, and the book taught me that!)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

this is the last time

We moved a little over two weeks ago, and to be honest it hasn't been as bad as I thought. I adapt myself to new places quickly, and though I'll miss my childhood home immensely, I suppose there's a time for everything in life. In that lil' house there's all the lovely places and things I'll always remember. Like the fir trees in the picture below; one of them is mine, the other my sister's. They were only tiny saplings when I planted them with my father.

Skirt - Seppälä
Top - 2nd hand/H&M
Don't know where my shoes are, haha!

Just a wee nostalgic post. Such a beautiful village, Maula was!
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