Friday, 7 September 2012

liverpool i left you

This is what I'm currently reading: Jonathan Gould's "Can't buy me love". I got it from my brother and his girlfriend. The book's supposed to be the best Beatles book ever written, and I do hope so. I've dabbled through the first hundred-or-so pages, and am enjoying the book:-) It's in Finnish, and I do believe it'd be a lot better in English. I always prefer to read books in the original language, if possible! Like the part when they talk about scouse, I'm pretty sure the translator hasn't quite understood it.. But, yeah, I really do like the book, and it must be one of my favourite presents! (Also, I've always wondered what the 8 in Ringo Starr's song "Liverpool 8" means, and the book taught me that!)


Marisa Noelle said...

I've read several Beatles books before, but not this one. Hmm, I might have to look for this one in English :-)

Anonymous said...

I can believe that scouse translated into Finnish might be quite hard! I'll have to recommend this book to my boyfriend, he loves the Beatles!

Laura said...

Marisa Noelle - i've read a couple myself but none of them have been that good! but this one, so far, really is:) hope you enjoy it, if you decide to read the book, marisa! xx

Raz - yeah, i think it must be impossible to translate it properly to any other language! i love the beatles too, so i'd say it'd be a pretty good recommendation, hen! x

S said...

Seems so interesting!!!
You make me curious!


Laura said...

S - oh, it is an interesting book, hon! xx

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