Monday, 30 May 2016

project 366: 144-150

144: Outfit of the day.

145: A card I made for my boss's daughter who's graduating from high school this week:-) (Would be crap if for some reason she was reading this since we've been trying to keep it a secret at work, haha!)

146: I bought this drink dispenser thing and some cute straws. There was little mug/jar things to go with it but they were out of stock. Am I becoming too much of a stereotypical blogger if I get myself mason jars to drink out of? They are pretty, mind you.

147: Took some outfit photos (actually multiple times last week (such blogging, very wow)!). And the weather's actually been incredible ever since last week. So much so that the weekend left me with some pretty decent sun rash..

148: Enjoying the said lovely weather with my plants.

149: Watermelon ice lolly! I also went swimming for the first time this summer/spring on Saturday:-) It was cold but still very enjoyable. I've been swimming every day since then (which totals to a grand three times as of today, but still).

150: Agatha Christie, Moomin chocolates and pretty flowers. It's actual summer here, you guys.


Joanna Joy said...

These are gorgeous photos! What kind of camera do you use?

Raashi Agarwal said...

I love legitimately each one of these photos for different reasons! Love the tartan and red lipstick in the first, mason jars are the cutest and loooove the black and white outfit photo (that top and necklace <3).


Laura Jones said...

Joanna Joy - thank you so much, chick! i have the canon 60d:-) xx

Raashi - thank you so much, girl! you're too sweet! xx

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