Wednesday, 11 May 2016

project 366: 123-129

123: After being away, on Monday I was glad to find that no-one had died back home. My lil' thyme and everything else were doing just fine.

124: I actually can't remember what I did on Tuesday apart from work, but I must've been driving somewhere? Who knows.

125: All the sweets.

126: We've got balloons and other stuff left over from my mum's boss's leaving party, haha!

127: Gone and won a gift card to a florist. (Also featured, more leftover party things.)

128: If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen it already (and if you don't follow me, then why not?), but I built this wee greenhouse and am quite happy about it. My plant babies are growing up so quickly they're almost ready to fly out of the nest and try living in the real world!

129: Celebrated Mother's Day vol. II, mainly by making and eating all the food, like this strange flatbread pizza! I also made an orange mousse (that was really nice and there's no pictures because I couldn't wait) and coffee soufflés (that were a failure and that's why there's no pictures of them).


Corinne said...

Ohhh that bed tray! How cute is that! Very twee :)

Corinne x

Kati said...

I like the photo with the balloons!


Jessica Acton said...

Haha, the half deflated balloons are so funny looking. And oh my god, I LOVE your little greenhouse! Please show me how to make one? I would love to! I always think that because I don't have a garden I can't have a greenhouse so it would be cool to build a mini one in my flat for my plant babies xx


The Mad Twins said...

So nice that you are gardening :) I love to do it as well! Nice that you build the greenhouse! It looks really good!

Sara-h Jane said...

What a delicious day!

Hena Tayeb said...

the green house is lovely..
and balloons are a staple in this house

Monique Reinds said...

I know the feeling of hoping that your plants are still alive haha!
Glad that they were still alive!
I think you are very talented with taking these snapshots!

Raashi Agarwal said...

That pizza looks SO. GOOD. I love flatbread in general to be honest! Also, the photo from tuesday is so cool and artsy :)


Laura Jones said...

Corinne - thank you, lovely! my dad's made the tray in the 90s, haha! xx

Kati - hehe, thank you, love! xx

Jessica Acton - why, thank you, dear! i actually took the easy way out and it's a diy greenhouse (kind of like ikea furniture), so i just had to assemble all the little pieces together. but you could easily build a wee one from all kinds of material! before this i was going to build one from old windows, but any kind of glass or plastic that you'd assemble together in a rectangle (or another shape) would do! this isn't really helpful, but i hope you'll get to have some kind of a greenhouse:-) xx

The Mad Twins - gardening is so lovely! i don't know why lots of people think of it as something only old people do, haha:-) and thank you, pet! xx

Sara-h Jane - thank, hun! xx

Hena Tayeb - thank you, chick! and i'm sure the children love having balloons around the house, haha! xx

Monique Reinds - haha, i know, can't really leave for a summer holiday! and thank you so much, sweets! xx

Raashi - thank you, gal! at first i thought it was really weird but ended up making another batch later, haha:-) and haha, thanks! xx


Your greenhouse looks amazing Laura! Also, I am always so impressed that you do a photo for each day for most of the year - I think forgetting one or two it's still a massive achievement to take all the ones you do have :) xx

Laura Jones said...

Laila - thank you, dear! and that's so lovely of you to say so! that's true, it's still a lot of photos:-) i think i'll probably keep doing this until i do one totally complete year, haha! xx

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