Wednesday, 25 May 2016


 Dress - Vintage/Made by my auntie
Shoes - 2nd hand/Asos
Ring - Topshop
Midi rings - Primark

Funny how things work out. The last time I blogged about this dress it was still short and I mentioned about letting it be full length again one day. Two years later and it is 'one day'. It's still the exact same dress, but just by changing the length it seems like the whole character of the dress changes. And the dress's short period as a short dress only adds to the stories it has attached to it. Now it feels fully 70s again. To break away from the vintage reflections I just added a pair of chunky heels (that look a bit wonky here, though).

Like I said a wee while back I went to an art exhibition opening last month and this is what I wore. And unlike the fact that I post dozens of pictures of myself (not to mention how many I actually take..) for everyone to see suggests, I'm not actually too much of an exhibitionist. Just an exhibition-goer and more likely to enjoy seeing an exhibition than being it myself. I often think about how much of a contrast to my younger self I've become, though. I still wouldn't describe a young Laura as an exhibitionist in a way of being attention seeking but I did like being the centre of attention and more than often was. I could  also be incredibly loud and outgoing, which would come and comes as a surprise to people who've met me later in life now that I'm so much more reserved, quiet and - at times - frankly unsociable. And people who've only known as me a child/young teen would not believe how much I've calmed down. Funny how things work out.

There's some randomish thoughts on the transformation of both this vintage dress and my characteristics. (One new characteristic of mine seems to be touching my hair and/or head in literally every picture. Haha, what a tit!) Now as I'm writing this it's getting to that time of night when I meticulously start counting how many hours and minutes there is until the alarm goes off, so I better hurry up before it gets to less than six five! Catch you later!


Amy said...

I love the print of this dress! And your photos are incredible, as always ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Jessica Acton said...

Your dress is gorgeous! I love the colour and it really fits in with the moody forest background. It kind of reminds me of this baroque print blue coat I had as a teenager. The chunky shoes are a nice touch. It's funny how we change - I was always shy, but I was still a fairly "wild" teenager and it shocks me now when I meet new people and they describe me as sensible. I think feeling unsociable at times is normal - we all need some downtime! xx


Laura Jones said...

Amy - thank you, thank you, pet! xx

Jess - thank you, gal! that coat sounds pretty awesome:-) haha, it can be so strange hearing new people describe you, especially when you don't always realize just how much you've changed! that's true, although i know i'm definitely too unsociable for my own good at times, haha! xx

E said...

Beautiful romantic look - I love the red lips with the deep blues.

District of Chic

Joanna Joy said...

You look gorgeous in this dress and these boots are amazing! This color blue really brings out your beautiful blue eyes.

Laura Jones said...

E - thank you very much, lovely! xx

Joanna Joy - thank you so much, pet! my eyes are actually green-blue-brown and mostly green, but they used to be blue and i still wish they were, so i'm more than happy to hear they look blue, haha! thank you:-) xx

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