Sunday, 8 February 2015

night confetti

I actually had these nails ages ago, but it's still my favourite colour combination for winter these days. Nothing too fancy for a lazy Laura, but still a bit more exciting than just one plain colour. I used Barry M's Black on most nails and Berry Cosmo on a few, then adding Wet n Wild's Party of Five Glitters on top. It's like stars or fireworks or confetti in the night sky. (How poetic..) As my nails are not painted at the moment, I might just go and redo them to look like this.


Yasmine M said...

Looks really nice! I love the confetti look. x Aha you are very poetic indeed.

Cloudy Dreams

Arrow said...

Great color combination!

Leah Talks said...

Ooh this is so pretty! I am in love with Berry Cosmo and am actually currently wearing it now (thanks again for it!) :D xx

zoe said...

Yes! I love these nails! A really perfect blend of spark and simplicity. I'm going to take some serious inspiration from these babies next time I paint my nails :)

The What's In Between

Marisa Noelle said...

I need to get on the ball with my nails. Mine are always bare and different lengths to boot with all the breaking that goes on with playing too many instruments, haha. These colors are perfection though. Overlapping the dark shades with the confetti is so pretty Laura!

Mystery Blogger said...

I def think you should redo them like this! It's so funky and it looks really well done too! I HAVE to go to a manicurist if I want to look like a nail polish bottle hasn't exploded all over me.... blush!

Mieke Beelen said...

beautiful nails!

x Mieke

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Amanda said...

Looks fab! xx

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Laura, greetings and good wishes.

Very attractive color.

Best wishes

Hena Tayeb said...

looks great.

Silvia Negretti said...

Great combination! Very cool manicure!

Kelsey & Kenecha said...

Love the way it looks, I have one something like that used it once should probably start wearing it again haha :)

Laura said...

Yasmine M - thank you, lovely! haha, aren't i:') x

Arrow - i do think so myself, gal! x

Leah Talks - thank you, dear! and i'm so glad you like it, it is such a great colour! xx

zoe - ah, thank you, honey! that's so nice, hope your nails will turn out great:-) xx

Marisa Noelle - ah, i remember how much i hated that i couldn't have longer nails when i still played regularly! and thank you so much, petal! xx

Mystery Blogger - why, thank you, sweets! haha, my nails definitely don't stay nice-looking long even though i sometimes manage to make them look presentable at first! x

Mieke - thank you, love! x

Amanda - thanks, honey! xx

Joseph Pulikotil - thank you, hon! i did really like these colours, too:-) x

Hena Tayeb - thanks, hen! x

Silvia Negretti - thank you, pet! xxx

Kelsey & Kenecha - thanks, chick! haha, i love rediscovering old colours that i forget about:-) x

Amy said...

Oh, I love your nails! All of the colours are so pretty ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Gail J said...

the first picture is so beautiful! Valentine's day and red colour is the perfect match xx

Sara Gerard said...

Great photos! I love the lippy, and I adore the nail polish!

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