Monday, 2 February 2015

project 365: 026-032

 026 I spent most of the day watching Holocaust documents. I don't want to say I enjoyed myself as that doesn't sound appropriate, but it wasn't completely miserable. I do love a good documentary, and I love it even more that as a history student I can pretend that this is studying. My Holocaust-filled day was not only because of the memorial day or 70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation, but also because I'm the biggest Hitchcock fan and found out that the documentary he'd worked on in 1945 was finally available for watching in most places. I really would recommend it, it's called "Holocaust: Night Will Fall". Not that you should watch it because of Hitchcock, but out of respect for the actual people and to remember them and what they had to go through. And to educate yourself if you're an ignorant wee one.

 027 The fact that this day's photo is of my cereal probably tells you how interesting a day I had..

 028 I was only going to take this one to moan about how much I'm struggling with the length of my hair at the moment. Then I ended up taking outfit photos, that I'll try and post later in the week! But really, my hair's in such an awkward growing-out stage and I really don't like it. Over-grown pixie is surely one of the worst hairstyles. It doesn't look that bad in the photo, but it really is such an awkward length. I can pin it all up but there's still a couple of stubborn little strands that enrage me. And if I don't pin it up, it's just worse. Woe is me.

 029 A late nameday card from my mum arrived this week, so I taped in on my wall. I have quite a collection of pretty Moomin cards.. And after the #crazybloggers chat I was going to do my uni reading, until I realized I had printed off the documents of the previous seminar. Honestly don't know how I manage to do these things. Do I even need to mention the time I went to uni only to print off some stuff, came back home and realized I had printed blank paper? Unbelievably smart I am. I still managed to go through all the documents online (I just prefer to have them in paper form so that I can better make notes and highlight things) and had (another) g&t.

 030 A day of studying, blogging and catching up on a few TV shows. (I was also pleased with my matching dress+lipstick.)

 031 I had some little repair-sewing to do!

032 A new month in my Moomin calendar! (Are other people as happy about getting to turn the page of a calendar at the start of each month, or am I just really easily entertained/satisfied?) And I had carbonara and a g&t for tea. This carbonara is one of my favourite things to make and the g&t is slowly becoming a routine in the evening.

How was your week?


Marcia B. said...

love the print on that dress!

Krysten Quiles said...

Love your hair in that 3rd pic!

Mystery Blogger said...

Pasta is one of my fav things to cook! Probably one of the ONLY things I'm actually good at cooking too :)
Your cabanara looks amazing!

So does the cereal ;)

Just followed you on GFC!

Amanda said...

I'm pretty jealous of how fabulous red lipstick looks on you! x

Lady parisienne said...

Nice pictures, it's a pretty post!!!

Ina R. said...

I stumbled over a very interesting and awesome photo portrait project of Holocaust durvivors, maybe you are interested in it too:

I love your red blouse with the florals by the way, supercute! <3

Silvia Negretti said...

Nice pics, love the pattern of your red dress! :)

Sara Gerard said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day! I am with you on the hair front, mine is a bit of a bob, but there are still some short bits that annoy me. Stay strong!

Emmanuelle Pawłowska said...

Amazing post and pictures :)

Laura said...

Marcia B. - thank you, lovely! i do really like that fabric myself! x

Krysten Quiles - thank you, dear! at least someone does, haha! xx

Mystery Blogger - haha, pasta is such a nice thing to make. it's usually quick and you can do so many different things! thank you, gal! x

Amanda - why, thank you, doll! that's such a lovely thing to hear, even though i don't think you have anything to be jealous of:-) xx

Lady parisienne - thank you, pet! x

Ina R. - i checked it out and it was quite interesting, thanks for leaving a link:-) and thank you, chick! it's actually a dress and i do love the pattern as well:-) x

Silvia Negretti - thank you, hon! xxx

Sara Gerard - it's not been too bad:-) haha, i'm waiting for mine to grow into a bob! or something less shapeless.. growing hair is such a struggle, honey! x

Emmanuelle Pawłowska - thank you, hen! x

Amy said...

What lovely photos! I especially like the cereal one and the one of your dress ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Laura said...

Amy - thank you, love! xx

Emmajane said...

Cereal all day everyday! Although that pasta looks really good! X

Workout Wear over at-

Laura Jones said...

Emmajane - cereal all day everyday indeed! and thank you, love, it's definitely one of my favourite dishes to make:-) x

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