Tuesday, 11 November 2014

ted hughes induced summertime sadness

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I think my opinion of not being too keen on Ted Hughes will be unpopular among people who read poetry. I don't particularly dislike him, but I don't like him either. I suppose I just think that a lot of poets that are highly regarded are actually quite overrated. However, I'd much rather be reading (imho) mediocre poetry in the sun like I was doing a few months back, than reading about the socio-economic organisation of the west Roman Empire circa 4th century and listening to the raindrops hit the window like they are at the minute. Now it's much more likely for me to have over-hydrated skin from walking to uni in the misty mornings than to drink litres of ice tea and try and not get dehydrated in the sun. Sadness.

Anyway, do you guys read poetry, and if yes is there a poet you'd recommend me to check out? Or what else is up in your pretty lil' lives?


The Adventures of a Shopaholic said...

Lovely post :)


Hena Tayeb said...

have never been one to read poetry.. but that blanket looks very inviting

Amy said...

What a lovely post! :)


Milex said...

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

Reading under the sunshine is absolutely one of my fav things to do!(Too bad we dont get too many sunny days in Scotland though)

rae t said...

I have to admit that I have never erad anything from Hughes. I tend to not be the biggest reader of poetry - but not for any particular reason. But, now I am thinking that I should give it a try, because as I remember, I really did love poetry back in school - it's just that when you become an adult, it seems like there is little time of these simple lovely pleasures.

rae of love from berlin

Krysten Quiles said...

I'm not huge into poetry... maybe I should try it out sometime.

Eline said...

I have to say i LOVE reading, but i always read 'normal' books instead of poetry. I've never given it a real try to be honest, maybe i should start doing that!

Corinne said...

I really love Anne Sexton - I have a few off her books and some of them just hit all the right chords with me.

Corinne x

Corinne said...

Also Iron and Wines music is very much like poetry - one of my favs is Promising Light. Best best best.

Corinne x

Laura said...

Marianna - thank you, girl! x

Hena Tayeb - haha, there's not that many things better than reading in the sun, lady! x

Amy - thank you, love! x

Milex - thanks for commenting, pet! x

Anastasia - it is good, isn't it, hen! and haha. that's true, although there's a lot of other lovely things about scotland! :-) xx

rae t - i kind of refound my love for poetry in high school as well and now go through phases when i'm really into it and then not so much.. that is true, sweets. but one should always make time for those little pleasures! :-) x

Krysten Quiles - i hope you do, honey:-) i'm sure you'd find something you'd like! xx

Eline - i do love reading as well:-) and it's always good to try different genres, chick! x

Corinne - ah, thanks, corinne m'dear! will have to check these out! xx

The Beautiful Essence said...

Lovely pics!

Laura said...

Lorena - thank you, chicken! x

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