Saturday, 22 November 2014

your albatross, shoot it down

 Dress - Vintage
Shoes - Citymarket

Right, so, these are a bit more recent photos but still from ages ago. In September I cut my hair into a proper pixie and these are the first photos of that occasion. (Although, I don't think you can really make out what my hair looks like in the wind, and it has obviously already outgrown so much!) As this was my first time with my shorter hair, it was also my last swim of the summer/autumn. It was really nice. It was really windy instead of feeling the scorching sun and the burning sand, which meant that my mum and I had the beach all to ourselves. The water was still lovely and there was time to stroll along the shoreline without bumping into all the children running around. And I don't think there were dead birds to photograph earlier in the summer either. I don't even care that I'm repeating myself, but there is just that something about the sun glistening on the water and the waves crashing towards the beach. This was a good day. Beach days are always good days.


Amy said...

It looks like a lovely day, but poor bird!
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Bobby Raffin said...

makes me want to go!~~~ lovely photos! great blog

Gail J said...

I actually still remember your long hair though. However, I kinda love the short one hehe xxx

Corinne said...

Oh no. Bird.

This looks lovely, the light on the water looks divine :)

Corinne x

Amanda said...

It looks like a lovely day! xx

Anna said...

I love the sea and photos you took! x

Chiara said...

Your post has me seriously craving summer! Beautiful pictures as always, Laura!x

Krysten Quiles said...

Beautiful pictures, and poor bird!

Imogen said...

Wow your hair looks amazing and I hope get to see more of it. This is such a stunning location, great photo opportunities there.

Eline said...

Your shirt is wonderful!

Christina L said...

Aww, i live by the beach (ten minute walk) and in the morning you can catch the sun (if it's not pouring down) glistening onto the sea. it's a beautiful moment.something very calming about the beach and sea :)

Laura said...

Amy - it was lovely, gal:-) and there were actually a lot of dead birds, haha. xx

Bobby Raffin - ah, thank you, hun! x

Gail J - ah, i know, i kind of often forget that my hair was long not that long ago! thank you, honey! i do like both short&long and always struggle deciding which one i want, ha! xxx

Corinne - thank you, dear! i do love a bit of light on the water photos, haha:-) xx

Amanda - it was, sweetie! xx

Anna - thank you, love! x

Chiara - i know, i wish it was still swimming weather:-) thank you, pet! x

Krysten Quiles - thank you, doll! and i know, was quite sad. xx

Imogen - thank you, lady, i'll try and post some new photos soon! i do love taking pictures by the seaside (or any water) :-) x

Eline - thank you, hen, it's a dress! x

Christina L - ah, that sounds so lovely, you lucky girl! i'd be going to the beach all the time if i were you, haha:-) x

CM said...

Amazing pictures, that place is a dream! ^-^
Nice outfit, dear! You look gorgeous!

Laura said...

CM - thank you very much, lovely! x

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