Thursday, 14 July 2016

project 366: 186-192

186: Wearing a candy necklace again. It's becoming a thing. I'm wearing/eating one right now as well!

187: Just after I got back from work a thunderstorm broke out and it literally lasted the rest of the day and I basically just sat in the dark for hours, haha! It was kind of nice to do nothing, though, and I did quite enjoy the rain and the storm.

188: I call the first one "Death of A mosquito". There's been so many mosquitoes this year that they are killing me more than usually. I'm not actually allergic to them (I don't think so, at least) but I still eat antihistamines in the summer so my mosquito bites wouldn't get so bad. It does help, but this year's been the worst in such along time. Also, I was still watching football and blogging last week. Less blogging and more football watching, which'll maybe change now that the Euros are over!

189: Done my nails for the first time in months and I'll never be able to get over how cute squirrels are. Never.

190: As soon as I got home on Friday I had a migraine and it lasted the whole weekend, so that was fun. I don't know if this is strange but I have this thing when I'm not always either able to get to bed or feel uncomfortable being in bed while having a migraine, so I'm often lying on the floor. Sometimes I'm actually on the floor (and sometimes I'm crying on the bathroom floor) but this time I took a mattress out and even tried to watch some tv for a while.

191: I didn't take a photo of migraine, day 2. It was simply more lying on the floor. Fun fun fun.

192: Migraine, day 3. Spent most of the time dying and the rest recovering. This probably wasn't the best thing to try and eat/drink, but I had this mojito lemonade. I'm not sure if I found it odd because it wasn't agreeing with my head or because it actually is odd. But it tasted a bit toothpaste-minty instead of mojito-minty, if you know what I mean?


Anonymous said...

Great project, I once started taking photos every day, but soon forgot about it. Love the first photo :)

Miguel Gouveia said...

Absolutely my dear :D

Great post an amazing photos :D I really love this kind of projects!

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Ania Zarzycka said...

Wow! Amazing project my dear :)
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Jenna Opsahl said...

Ugh migraines are the worst thing, I'm so sorry you get them. I haven't had a bad headache in a while and I'm not sure what I get are migraines, but I have a weird thing where if I don't eat enough I lose my eyesight and get a headache. No fun.

I love your candy necklace thing, that should sooooo be a trend.


Laura Mitbrodt said...

What a great collection of photos, I love your nails

Gail J said...

Those candy necklace is so pretty! I hope you are doing well!

Laila said...

I'm so sorry to hear you had a migraine Laura :( how annoying - glad to hear you have been recovering. xxx

Laura Jones said...

Rory Tosamja - thank you, lovely! i definitely forget days every now and then, but pick it from where i was left as soon as i remember:-) i recommend trying again! x

Miguel Gouveia - thank you, hun! x

Ania Zarzycka - thank you, pet! x

Jenna Opsahl - they really are, aren't they! and that sounds like a migraine to me, if you have them often i'd get the headaches checked! :-) i don't often lose my eyesight - it's only happened twice - but that can be so scary. and not eating regularly and enough definitely is a migraine trigger for me, too. but candy necklaces should definitely be a trend, doll! we need to make it happen. xx

Laura Mitbrodt - thank you, sweets! xx

Gail J - thank you, darling! and i hope you're, too! xx

Laila - thank you so much, chicken! i've been migraine-free for quite a bit now, which is good:-) xxx

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