Thursday, 5 July 2012


I'm going on a wee "holiday" with my mum, mainly to visit relatives and such:-) Don't think watermelons have anything to do with this, but I had so much fun making these a while ago. These make me laugh so much.. I'm such a strange lassie! Hope you'll all have a wonderful time while I'm away♥!


Aida said...

Love watermelon, so good!! And the gifs are super fun!

Laura said...

Aida - so do i, it really is too good! cheers, love! x

danniekate said...

i love the gifs! xx

Rachel Lynne said...

That looks delicious! So cute too :)

Rachel’s Lookbook

Laura said...

danniekate - aw, thank you, doll! xx

Rachel Lynne - i think watermelon is always delicious:) and thanks, honey! x

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