Friday, 4 March 2016


 Coat - Ellos
Cardi - Mum's/Primark
Dress - New look
Hat - H&M
Shoes - Grandma's old

These are from a while ago, but not much has changed. It was snowing quite heavily and I thought it'd look pretty in photos, but, of course, the snowing slowed down as soon as I got outside with my camera and started again once I got in. What kind of witchcraft is that? And although these are from a month ago and it's technically spring now, we still definitely have at least this much snow. Instead of my usual moaning, I'm not bothered though. I'm off skiing later anyway!

I've had this winter coat in Finland for the last few years, so it hasn't been worn at all lately. It's almost like having a new coat (although I have the bottom button missing..)! While it has been the weather for a warm coat, it hasn't been one for hats like this.. But this was still in my pre-haircut days and I felt like a hat wasn't optional. Although, I do actually own proper winter hats that I could've worn, ha! I'm also wearing the very fashionable winter boots that were my grandmother's. None of my shoes are suitable for weather that is either from 0 to -10°C or below -20°C. Since that is most of the time, Ive been wearing these despite the fact they're about 4 sizes too big for me. They're warm and comfortable and fit a few woolly socks in them, though!

That's probably enough weather related chat, I'll see you soon! :-)


Miranda | Miranda's Notebook said...

Have fun skiing!! I love your hat - that grey is such a pretty shade :) xxx

Laura Mitbrodt said...

Wow it is crazy how much snow you have! Loving your coat and that dress is super cute too

Lux G. said...

Enjoy the snow while it lasts. :)
Nice outfit.

Amy said...

These photos are gorgeous! I love your coat ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

bbb said...

you're so cuteee and your photo is stunning!

Gail J said...

Spring has arrived, but I think it was snowing heavily in Manchester 2 days ago! What's wrong with the weather!? However, I also love your coat, contrasted with the colourful top you wore :)

Raashi Agarwal said...

Oooh skiing! I love the hat you wore though! :)


Sara-h Jane said...

I think that these came out great and you look very pretty! I love the coat :)

Wynne Prasetyo said...

wow that's friggin' cold!! oh i love your winter look. i thought the brown coat was so stylishly cool, but i spoke too soon because the brown coat AND the chunky grey sweater is a dream winter combo.

Claire said...

Great hat, love the color!

God bless,

XO, Claire


Hena Tayeb said...

snow! oh no..
we had some snow too last week.. but not that much.. and this week we've been promised warmth.. and I am going to hold Mother Nature to it!

Laura Jones said...

Miranda - thank you, i did, lovely! and thanks:-) it's an old one, but i do really like it! xxx

Laura Mitbrodt - haha, yeah! thank you, pet! xx

Lux G. - i'll try to, ha! and thanks, love! x

Amy - thank you, thank you, gal! xx

bbb - why, thank you, hun! xx

Gail J - i would definitely not say it's arrived here yet, ha! and i've been hearing it's been snowing in the uk as well, you must be glad you aren't in manchester now! but thank you, darling! xxx

Raashi - thank you, dear! xx

Sara-h Jane - thank you, chicken! lovely to hear:-) xx

Wynne Prasetyo - it's not too bad:-) and thank you so much, lady! xx

Claire - thank you, hon! xx

Hena Tayeb - i'm not too bothered, really:-) spring will come when it comes, girl! (although i do hope it's sooner rather than later) x

Caliope Couture said...

I try to get snowy outfit shots every time, haha...yours have turned out great though! Love your coat and the pop of colour dress!!
Christina ♥

Laura Jones said...

Christina - haha, it's always a good idea (unless the snow's wet and you end up soaked)! thank you, thank you, lovely! x

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