Friday, 11 March 2016

snowy river trip

I'm not known as the most athletic person, so when I posted my skiing pictures on social media I wasn't surprised that my friends were jokingly cyber bullying me about it (ha). But I actually do like sports, and always have. Sometimes my lazy attitude just gets in the way! You won't be seeing me skiing 20km every day, but I do actually really enjoy some casual Sunday skiing (although this was on a Friday). I had a lovely little time with my mum, first skiing and then snacking. Because, obviously, hot chocolate, sausages and other wee treats are an essential part of Sunday skiing. We're planning on going again, possibly even every week until the snow melts and we won't be able to get to this lil' island in the river. I might even go without the snacks, you know!

Have you done anything fun recently, or even been skiing? :-)

P.S. It always makes me laugh how my mum's dressed for an expedition to the North Pole in the winter and compared to her I look like I must've been freezing! (I wasn't.)


E said...

So jealous! I haven't been skiing in ages!

District of Chic

Jessica Acton said...

I'm confused - are you skiing in Leeds? I have to say, I'm not that athletic either, so skiing holidays have always seemed a little too energetic and not enough floating around a swimming pool to me. I like the idea of casual skiing though! And your photos are gorgeous - the close up of the steam coming off your mug is just so atmospheric xx


Amy said...

I love skiing! It sounds like you had a lovely time ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Raashi Agarwal said...

Snow, hot chocolate, fire?!? <3 I think the snacks add to the whole experience, personally :P Hope you get to do a few more good trips! :)


Gail J said...

I have never been skiing! Like at all ha! I would love to go with you some days in the future :)

Laura Jones said...

E - haha! you'll have to make a ski trip soon, hun! x

Jessica Acton - haha! i should maybe change my location in the sidebar, i'm not in leeds anymore! it'd be strange if there was this much snow! i don't think i'd ever go on an actual skiing holiday either, a few skiing trips in finland every year/five years is enough for me, haha:-) thank you so much, chicken! xx

Amy - thank you, pet, i did! xx

Raashi - it's a good combination, eh! they definitely do;-) and thanks, lovely, i've already been on another one and am planning to go again later in the week! (sounds like i'm becoming an athlete..) xx

Gail J - ahh, we should definitely go, honey! you'll have to make a trip to lapland, or we'll go to the alps or something together, haha! xxx

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