Wednesday, 22 October 2014

you were always faster than me, i'll never catch up with you

 Top - New look
Skirt - Self-made
Shoes - Citymarket

As much as I like autumn, its pretty colours, thick layers and everything, I do miss the late rays of sun and not wearing too many clothes. Not complaining though; sitting inside covered in blankets watching a movie while it's pouring outside is pretty cosy as well. In these pictures I'm wearing some of the things I possibly wore the most this summer, though. I do love my watermelon top very much, I mean it has watermelons on it, how could I not? And I made this skirt once I got to Finland and realized I hadn't brought any skirts with me. It's just a basic black skirt, with a denim zipper at the back. But a girl cannot have too many black skirts, eh?

Also, here's what I look like in snaps that usually don't make their way to blog posts, haha:



Alicia Mackin said...

That is a fun top! A summer throwback : ) It is cold and rainy here in NY today.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Ellie said...

Lighter clothes are definitely great, but the cool weather is hard to give up!
Love these outfits :3

Krysten Quiles said...

I wouldn't miss summer so much if we had actually had a summer!

Amanda said...

I'm a summer child, but I do appreciate a great blanket and movie session! xx

Marisa Noelle said...

Aw I feel the same as you! Autumn is beautiful but I am a summer gal all the way. Still, I'm taking in the best of autumn too - lots of blankets, bonfires, and movies, hehe.

Loving the 60s-mod vibe of your outfit here Laura :-)

Gail J said...

you look so lovely!

Putri Valentina said...

Great top and place :D


Rin Handika said...

Love the palce and your top! Cool photos!

Anita said...

gorgeous outfit :)

Sartorial Diner said...

Nothing beats a good watermelon top! But I will agree that wrapping yourself up in blankets during the Fall is great! :)

Eline said...

Your top is so cool!

Laura said...

Alicia Mackin - thanks, lovely! it's nice to look back at summer photos when it gets cold and rainy haha! and that's pretty much everyday here right now:-) x

Ellie - thank you, pet! both kinds of weather have their pros and cons:-) x

Krysten Quiles - ah, maybe it means you'll have an abnormally warm summer next year, honey! xx

Amanda - i think i'm like that as well, doll! xx

Marisa Noelle - i know, it's best to just enjoy and appreciate the good parts of every season:-) and thank you, darling! xx

Gail J - thank you so much, dear! xx

Putri Valentina - thanks, gal! x

Rin Handika - thank you very much, love! x

Anita - thanks, chick! x

Sartorial Diner - that's true, watermelon tops are pretty much the greatest:-) as is blankets and autumn, hen:-) x

Eline - thank you, pretty! isn't it though:-) x

Beauty Follower said...

Lovely top!

gabrielle said...

your watermelon top is super cute! i agree, a girl can definitely never have enough black skirts.


Laura said...

Beauty Follower - thanks, hun! x

gabby - it is, isn't it! and i'm glad you agree, girl! xx

Cécile Mazel said...

love your top :)


Laura said...

Cécile Mazel - thank you, hen! it is pretty great:-) xx

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